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Theses: Mathematics (MAED)

Victiriano, Praxedes Solina M 01 Integrated mathematics for second year high school : a proposed textbook 1990
Peteros, Geradine Leuterio M 02 Competencies of highschool and college mathematics teachers in University of p-erpetual Help Rizal : its implications to faculty development programs 1998
Brigola-Velina Edeluisa M 03 Effectiveness of the use of learning contract in the academic performance in trigonometry of selected third year highschool students of the University of Perpetual Help Rizal for School Year 1997-1998 1999
Palacol, Joel R. M 04 Programmed instruction in integral calculus : prospect for increased achievement among engineering students 2003
Balaccua, ma. Magdalen P. M 05 Computer assisted instruction vs. cooperative learning : effect on academic performance in college algebra 2004
Regacho, Aida C. M 06 Attitudes, study habits in mathematics and learning styles of college freshmen students in relation to their achievements in college algebra 2005
Co, Antonino M. M 07 Mathematics competencies and academic performances in college algebra and general college physics of UPHSD sophomore students of college of nursing : basis for an integrated syllabus in physics 2007
Felices, Maureen Q. M 08 Evaluation and validation of the proposed self-learning package on selected concepts in geometry 2007
Villanueva, Ronald S. M 09 Cognitive development in differential calculus of third year aviation technology students of Philippine State College of Aeronautics 2007
Linga, John Lozada M 10 Factors affecting pupils competencies and learning difficulties in solving mathematics problems : basis for formulation of action plan 2008
Ambrad, Joselito C. M 11 Development and validation of FAC model for radar plotting 2009
Bang, Miree M 12 Mathematics textbook of Filipino and Singapore 1st year and Secondary level students : an evealuation 2009
Estrada, Angela L. M 13 Problem based learning in secondary classrooms in mathematics 2009
Umil, Dexter Joel L. M 14 Effectiveness of peer learning and direct learning methods on the performance of college students in algebra 2009
Maningas, Dan C. M 15 Validation of selected modules on similarity theorems in geometry and their applications 2011

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