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Theses: English (MAED)

De Leon, Grace R. E 01 Positive aspects of Amado V. Hernandez’s committed writings: Their implications to education, the 1975
Dela Rosa, Rowena D. E 02 English oral and written communication needs of maritals seafarer trainees on board vessels with mixed nationality crew, the 1998
Giron, Caridad G. E 03 Analysis of the technical writing in english among selected police officers on training at the police national training institute , Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba Laguna, An 1999
Lopez, Lea C. E 04 Existing English VI program in the division of Las Piñas City: An Analysis, the 2000
Santos-Fulgencio, Fe E 04 A College freshman students’ learning stryles and their performance in English 1 2000
Donado-Correa, Rosette Paulyn E 05 Factors affecting teaching and learning of english as a second language in the Pre-school level 2001
Gadil, Irene A. Cooperative learning on the academic performance, study habits and social competence of students in communication arts English IV: An exploratory study 2001
Dijamco, Veronica Juneza E 06 Teaching of reading and writing skills to college freshmen in selected schools in metro manila 2003
Corre, Magdalena T. E 07 Study habits and attitudes of freshman Maritime students and their academic performance in English 1 2005
Villanueva, Maria Cely O. E 08 Analysis of CEM reading skills test results of high school freshmen 2005-2006 of UPHSD-Las Piñas: A basis for proposed revisions in the course syllabus for English 1 2007
Alva, Alquin L. E 09 Learning styles of freshman high school students of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta: Basis for proposed learner centered classroom activities in English 1 2008
Gabinete, Mari Karen L. E 10 Reading difficulties of Southville International School and Colleges grade 10 efl learners: basis for a proposed reading program 2008
Managuas, Emerlyn E. E 11 Utilization of Metacognition in the Teaching and Learning of English Subjects, The 2008
Ortiz, Filomena P. E 12 Critical analysis of the reding level of freshmen high school students of UPHSD (Molino Campus) relationship to academic performance in english 2008
Trinidad, Helen Galeno E 13 Assesment of coherence in the composition writing performance of grade 2008
Sarino, Von Linares E 14 Epistemological assumptions of korean efl students in selected language centers: their effects on language learning abilities and their pedagological implications 2008
Lee, Sung-Yeon E 17 Investigation of the early study abroad phenomenon in South Korea 2009
Alonzo, Sheena D. E 18 Factors that relate to thye level of reading comprehension of grade five (5) pupils : a basis for designing a reading comprehension program 2010
Fajardo, Rocky Christopher Aquino E 19 Sociocultural factors influencing the language aclimatization of returning student – dependents of Saudi Aramco employees : basis for the proposed modular lessons 2010
Ariola, Jean Anno E 20 Language anxiety in oral communication of selected staff and employees of san beda college alabang 2010
Dae-Kwan Chung E 21 Effect of english immersion camp on the english language anxiety levels of Koreal Elementary students in the Philippines 2010
Hee-Sook Kang E 22 Perception of Korean parents and students on the significance of English Pre-school education in second language acqusition 2010
Bantog, Teresa S. E 23 Factors attributed to the difficulties encountered by primary language teachers : base – reference for an enhancement of a language – teachning program 2011
Gutierrez, Evelyn P. E 24 Reading styles of primary pupils in the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA :  basis for a proposed multi – level reading program 2011
Villarba, Andrew A. E25 Level of compliance to R.A. 7079 (Campus Journalism Act. Of 1991) and the quality of school papers of selected private secondary schools in Bacoor, Cavite 2011
Bonsol, Giselda A. E26 Language proficiency of freshman students of the College of International and Hospitality Management (CIHM) of the University of Perpetual Help System – DALTA – Las Piñas City 2011
Puno, Cale Jennifer Lyn C. E27 A Feminist reading of selected five literary works in the Canon of the Philippine Literature 2011
Jeung Ho Shin E28 A Perspective of learning English as a second official language in South Korea : a basis for the revision of English language curriculum 2011

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