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Educational Management


Advanced Curriculum Planning, Evaluation and Development

Advanced Methods of Research and Statistics with Computer Application

Advanced Philosophical Foundations of Education

Case Analysis in Education and Decision Making Models

Communications of Human Relations in Schools

Community Outreach Services with Immersion

Comparative Philosophy of Education : Global Education

Continuing Education

Current Trends and Techniques in Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Defelopment and Evaluation Models

Dissertation Writing

Education, Society and Culture : Theory and Practice

Educational Innovations : Trends, Issues and Practices

Educational Management

Educational Planning and Evaluation

Educational Statistics with Computer Application

Faculty Development Programs and School Training

Financial Management in Schools

Foreign Language

Human Behavior in Organizations

Instructional Consultanships

Issues and Problems on Philippine Education System

Laws on Education

Leadership in Education

Management of Non-Formal Education

Management of School Systems (3 Levels)

Personnel Administration in School systems and Manpower Development

Personnel Management and Staff Development

Philosophy of Man

Philosophy of Values

Physical Facilities Management

Project Management in Education Management Series

School Business Management

School Management

Strategic Planning of Schools : Concepts and Techniques

Supervision of Instruction

Thesis Writing


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