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Dissertations: Educational Management (PHD)

De Leon, Grace R. PEM 1 Internal efficiency of the Perpetual Help College of Rizal, The 1989
Torrecampo, Joel PEM 2 NSAT Scores and academic achievement of students in private and public schools 1999
Agustero – Saniel, Carlicita PEM 3 Quality of life in depressed comminities in Las Piñas City through community outreach programs 2000
Pañares, Erlinda Y. PEM 4 Correlates of organizational effectiveness of public elementary schools division of Cavite City 2000
Dela Rosa, Richard Delos Triños PEM 5 Non-Formal education accreditation and equivalency (NFE A&E) systems on the quality of life of the benefeciaries in selected areas in Metro Manila 2001
Carpio, Lourdes L. PEM 6 Internal Efficiency and external productivity of Ann Arbor Montessori School 2002
Sayoto, Cristina E. PEM 7 Factors Related to Cognitive Levels and Learning Difficulties in Chemistry 1 o0f Freshmen Students at Selected Higher Education Institutions in CALABARZON 2002
Valdez, Edita B. PEM 8 Multimedia versus cooperative learning approach in teaching secondary science on students academic achievement scientific attitudes and scientific interests 2002
Achas, Amelita P. PEM 9 Organizational culture of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Perpetual Help Rizal : five year strategic directions 2003
Golla, Rosario P. PEM 10 Competitive posture of school administrators in selected colleges and universities in Metro Manila 2003
Rivera, Violeta C. PEM 11 Learning and pedagogical styles : implications to performance goals of accountancy and business administration programs at a university system 2003
Giron, Caridad G. PEM 12 Intellective and non intellective factors that influence success in the Bachelor of Science in Criminology course 2004
Herrera, Feliciana C. PEM 13 Teaching of technology and livelihood skills in basic education : status prospects, The 2004
Guevarra, Rey S. PEM 14 Readiness of Maritime Students for on the Job Training (OJT) from Knowledge gained in Solid Mensuration and Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: Implications to management of Maritime Education 2004
Matutino, Josie S. PEM 15 Roles Assumed, Concerns and Stressors of Teacher-Interns in Selected Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) 2004
Silva, B’Julah Q. PEM 16 Required Competencies for the Academic Deans: Basic for Performance Appraisal 2004
Cirineo, Ruby J. PEM 17 Internal and External Efficiency of Lyceum of the Philippines: Bases for Five – Year Institutional Plan 2005
Flores – Ho, Victoria PEM 18 Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Leadership Job Performance of School Managers and Faculty Members of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta 2005
Corpin, Aldrin G. PEM 19 Supervisory practices of instructional leaders in basic education : basis for a training program plan 2006
Pantorgo, Leonora M. PEM 20 Conflict Management Practices of Elementary School Principals in Selected School Divisions of Southern Tagalog Region and Their Implications to School Leadership 2006
Gadil, Irene A. PEM 21 Organizational Culture of Public Elemenetary Schools in the Division of City Schools (DCS) Paranaque City : Implications 2007
Montaño, Roland T. PEM 22 Assesment of Leadership Behavior of Selected College Deans as Middcle Level Managers: a Definition of Phenomenological Existence 2007
Quinio, Belinda Monzon PEM 23 Analysis of the trend of enrolment in selected agustinian recollect schools in Luzon 2007
Reyes, Julia H. PEM 24 Analysis of the trend of enrolment in selected agustinian recollect schools in Luzon 2007
Dangani, Teresita A. PEM 25 Analysis of Instructional Practices of Secondary Public School Teachers of Core Subjects Areas of Populous Classrooms in South District of National Capital Region 2008
Siy, Loureli Carreon PEM 26 Functional competencies of basic education faculty of the university of perpetual help system : relevant policy implications for selection, training, development and retention 2008
Arguelles, Erlinda A. PEM 27 Towards a blueprint for exellence of the highschool program of the University of Perpertual Help System Molino Campus 2009
Cesita, Naicy M. PEM 28 Filipino Corpus na Gamitin sa Ekonomiks at Sosyolohiya tungo sa Intelektwalisasyon: Basehan ng Munkahing Programang Pang-Akademya sa Dalawang Disiplina (katipunan ng mga salita sa disiplinang ekonomiks at sosyolohiya) 2009
Medina, Lester Luis PEM 29 Technical Educational Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Programs in Selected Schools in CaVite Towards Industry-Orriented Program Quality Monitoring Systems (IPMS) 2009
Dumangeng, Michael B. PEM 30 Towards addressing the shortfall of Filipino Ship officers through a competency based training program 2010
Gueguinto, Edgardo P. PEM 31 Present status and future directions of selected maritime education schools in the National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines 2010
Cabotaje, Catherine E. PEM 32 Content analysis of student handbooks of selected higher education institutions as base reference model for Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa Student Handbook 2010
Lagonilla, Senen T. PEM 33 A Competency based assesment of nurse educators of the University of Perpetual Help System as a basis for professional faculty training program 2010
Salonga, Reynaldo M. PEM 34 An Assesment of the state of sports development program in the University of Perpetual Help tertiary schools: basis for proposed individual models 2011
Toriano-Canaria, Yolanda PEM 35 multimedia versus cooperative learning approach in teaching secondary science on students academic achievement scientific attitudes and scientific interests 2011
Sarino, Von Lizares PEM 36 The Sense of awareness on multi cultural education of stakeholders of selected higher education institutions : implications to institutional transformation 2011
Guiuan, Maria Roseña M. PEM 37 An Evaluation of the four – year dentistry program of the University of Perpetual Help System – Dalta Las Piñas : input for accreditation 2011
Maningas, Josephine G. PEM 38 Emerging leadership decision making practices of academic middle – level managers in selected dominican – run colleges vis a vis dominican philosophy 2011
Duritan, Mary Josephine M. PEM 39 A Critical appraisal of the extent of the intehration of values in the social scieneces among college students of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta 2011
Hubilla, Mario B. PEM 40 Management practices and succession programs of family owned educational institutions in the CALABARZON area : a basis for policy based administration in succession selection criteria 2008
Elma, Enjola Kaye PEM 41 Ecological development of selected centers of exellence among nursing schools in the Philippines :  benchmarking for a model plan 2011
Dela Paz, Leticia D. PEM 42 Cross analysis of the retirement plans of selected private higher education instituitions in Metro manila : basis for a proposed retirement manual for the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta 2011
Neumann, Hedilisa A. PEM 43 Toward a proposed strategic matrix of effective principalship based on the assesments of BED Administrators and teachers 2011
Laguna, Arvin B. PEM 44 An in – depth analysis of the curriculum in Dental Medicine based from the local and global perspectives 2012
Paulo, Mark Edward S. PEM 45 Correlates of instructional leaders’ supervisory skills and practices vis a vis perceptions of tertiary level faculty: base reference data for an improved supervisor supervisee relationship 2012
Sepino, Joven O. PEM 46 The relationship of instructional competencies of the college faculty of the University of Perpetual Help System – Dalta to the board examination performance based on stakeholders’ evaluation 2012
Taclibon, Ma. Luisa Alasco PEM 47 The Emerging adolescent culture and the resiliency beliefs and values of the college students of the UPHS-DALTA System : input for an enhanced career guidance system 2012
Linga, John Lozada PEM 48 Actual vis a vis desired supervisory practices as perceived by teachers and supervisory officials in University of Perpetual Help System – Dalta : prelude towards and enhanced supervisory program 2012
Austero, Raquel M. PEM 49 Development and validation of science worksheets for second year students of the division of Las Piñas 2012
Jacinto, Dane B. PEM 50 The Correlation between the students’ learning styles in social sciencourses : a basis for benchmarking of more productive pedagogies 2012

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