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Theses: Special Education (MAED)

Clemente, Ruby M. SE 01 Coping Mechanisms of regular education teachers in the inclusive settings of selected public schools in the division of Parañaque City 2007
Forneas, Enrico Paulo M. SE 02 Behavior Problems of Filipino learners with Autism: Basis for an enriched behavior modification program 2007
Hocson,  Annabel D. SE 03 A Self-concept, personality types and sources of stress of special education teachers: Basis for a proposed manual for stress management program 2007
Hocson, Antonio Ramon L. SE03 B Case Analysis of behavior manifestations of students with mental retardation in Parañaque Elementary School Central and their significant implications 2007
Magboo-Gaviola, Maria Leisa C. SE 04 Towards an enhanced multidisciplinary assessment team approach (MATA) for the management of children with special needs (CSN) 2007
Natividad, Hyacinth Anne A. SE 05 Effects of Makaton Vocabulary Language Program (MVLP) Stage 1 in the communication skills of children with Autism, the 2007
Bax, Alma M. SE 06 Factors contributing to premature termination of schooling among children with special needs(CSN) in SPED Schools in Las Piñas City 2008
Cabanes, Helen D. SE 07 Extent of parents teachers and school participation in the education of children with special needs, the 2008
Demafeliz, Fe Alma P. SE 08 Sexual issues of adolescents with mental retardation as perceived by parents, teachers, and caregivers: Basis for the proposed training, module framework 2008
Fisico, Herminia H. Effect of brain gym movements and repatterning on the reading proficiency of reading-disabled students 2008
Quicosa, Linda V. SE 15 Level of Acceptance and management practices of parents of children with Autism in Parañaque special education schools and their significant implications 2008
Altamirano, Ma. Cecilia H. SE 10 Extent of participation of regular teachers in mainstreaming program in Alabang Elementary School, the 2009
De Vera, Madonna L. SE 11 Teaching support needs of special education teachers handling children with hearing impairment 2009
Drilon, Mae G. SE 12 Effectiveness of coping intervention seminar program for parents in behavior modification of children with Autism 2009
Medina, Kathryn M. SE 13 Special education program and framework of public elementary school in Cavite City : Level of compliance and effectiveness, the 2009
Repia, Glecita R. SE 16 Effects of intervention programs on 6 to 7 year old students with retained primitive reflexes, the 2009
Serrano, Eliza O. SE 17 Proposed community development program on SPED Services for barangay Sunshineville 2009
Soriano, Shayne Nessren B. SE 18 Collaboration of the interdisciplinary team in the management of the children with Autism towards cohesive teaming framework 2009
Agana, Marcelo N. SE 19 Assesment of inclusive education program in the division of Muntinlupa City : basis for improvements 2010
Batutay, Shalimar U. SE 20 Intrapersonal and interpersonal fuctioning of six children with mild to moderate intelectual disability after a dance movement therapy intervention 2010
Cepe, Kismette J. SE 21 Proposed guidelines on the formulation of a behavior modification model for children with autism with atypical sexual behaviors based on the reactions of teachers and caregiver respondents 2010
Dasig, Josephine P. SE 22 Effect of multiple instructional strategies on the reading comprehension of the grade six (6) students of the university of perpetual help system – dalta Las Piñas City 2010
Magallanes-Pador, Suzette SE 23 Proposed behavioral management guidelines for pre-school teachers handling children suspected with behavioral problems 2010
Sacay, Ivy A. SE 24 Improvement in the reading level and reading pattern of children with mild to moderate mental retardation using graphic organizers 2010
Siy, Benjamin Jr. C. SE 25 Towards the creation of on-line profile information system of private special education schools in Las Piñas City 2010
Vicente, Ma. Jennifer Muhi SE 26 Proposed training program for regular classroom teachers in selected private schools in Las Piñas in preparation for inclusion settings 2010
Yap, Antonina Mendoza SE 27 Identification and profiling of primary pupils of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta on Slow learning, behavioral problems and academic deficit characteristics : basis for special remediation approaches 2010
Abanilla, Jonie Francis Belleza SE 28 A Three case study design of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in three dimensions of reading abilities 2010
SE 29
Malapad, Evert L. SE 30 Entry level competencies and pre – vocational skills of persons with autism preparation for repacking industry employment 2010
Miranda, Marveen M. SE 31 A Case of five children with mental retardation and effects of multi – sensorial approach in reading 2010
Parama, Reina N. SE 32 Effect of art therapy in improving self – esteem of children with mental retardation 2010
Ramos,Marcelo jr. T. SE 33 Effect of lemon oil therapy in enhancing the science process skills of children with intelectual disability 2010
Saddul, Mae Vallejo SE 34 An Assesment of the quality of parent – teacher partnership in happy and organized person through education (H.O.P.E.): basis for an action plan 2010
Secreto, Ruby D. SE 35 Reading abilities and level of comprehension of grade II pupuls in the Philippine Academeic School for the Deaf : basis for a proposed comic strip – design reading materials 2010
Hernandez, Verginia H. SE 36 Effect of using speech reading techniques to improve language skills of children with hearning impairment in the preparatory level 2011
Ballesteros, Ma. Cecille C. Arriola SE 37 The Level of awareness of primary caregivers on the oral health care needs of children with Autism towards the development of an oral health care action plan 2011

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