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e-journals: Filipiniana


Advancing Information Technology Research

ADDU-SAS Graduate School Research Journal


American Studies Asia

Ani: Letran Calamba Research Report

Anuaryo/Annales: Journal of History

Arellano University Graduate School Journal


Asian Journal of Biodiversity

Asian Journal of Business and Governance

Asian Journal of Health

Asian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research

The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher

Asia-Pacific Social Science Review

ASLP Journal

Binhi: Letran-Calamba Student Research Journal


CNU Journal of Higher Education

College of Arts and Sciences Research Journal

College of Nursing Faculty Research Journal

Computer Issues

CU Engineering Journal



DDC Professional Journal

DLSU Business & Economics Review

DLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studies

DLSU Engineering Journal

Far Eastern University Colloquium

Far Eastern University Communication Journal

Far Eastern University English & Literature Journal

Far Eastern University Faculty Research Journal

HCDC Faculty Research Journal

IAMURE: International Journal of Business and Management

IAMURE: International Journal of Ecology and Conservation

IAMURE: International Journal of Education

IAMURE: International Journal of Health Education

IAMURE: International Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Religion

IAMURE: International Journal of Marine Ecology

IAMURE: International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering & Technology

IAMURE: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

IAMURE: International Journal of Plant Ecology

IAMURE: International Journal of Science and Clinical Laboratory

IAMURE: International Journal of Social Sciences

IAMURE: International Journal of Terrestrial Ecology

IDEYA: Journal of the Humanities

INHENYERIYA: An International Journal of Engineering

International Rice Research Notes

ISU-Cabagan Journal of Research

Journal of Business, Education and Law

The Journal of History

Journal of Research in Science, Computing, and Engineering

JPAIR Multidisciplinary Journal



Kayamag: Interdisciplinary Forum on Science, Society and Letters

Lagumlalang: A Refereed Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

The Lamp


LCCB Development Education Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

LEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journal

Letran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Development

Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research



Luz y Saber

Lyceum of the Philippines–Laguna Research Journal

The Magus


The Manila Journal of Science

The Mindanao Forum

Mindanao Journal of Science and Technology

MSEUF Research Studies

Notre Dame Journal

Nursing Research Journal


Ang Pantas

The Paulinian Compass

Philippine Journal of Counseling Psychology

Philippine Journal of Psychology

Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Philippine Scientific Journal

Φιλοσοφία: International Journal of Philosophy

Progressio: Journal on Human Development

The RAP Journal

Student Engineer’s PULSAR

SULO: International Refereed Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences

SULÔ: Journal of Student-Faculty Research



The Trinitian Researcher

The Trinitian Student Researcher

UERMMMC Journal of Health Sciences

UIC Research Journal

UM Research Journal

University of the East Research Bulletin

UNP Research Journal

Ventures Journal


The Philippine E-Journals Platform C&E’s Educational Technology Division uses the Open Journals System (OJS)—an open source journal management software that was developed by the Public Knowledge Project. The OJS has a built-in facility that indexes all journals in the Philippine E-Journals platform through the Open Archives Initiative search engines which harvest the metadata for each journal article. This process establishes and optimizes the journals’ online presence and visibility, thus increasing the readership and promoting the use of research works of Filipino scholars worldwide.


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