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Theses: Organizational Development & Planning (ODP)

Carretero, Ernesto A. J. ODP 1 Five year educational development plan for Region IX 1981
Mutis, Thoby ODP 2 Organizational competency and effectiveness of the Jakarta Credit Cooperative/Credit Union (JCU) 1983
Hyun-Shik Oh ODP 3 Development and validation of a quantitative diagnosis model of training system identification 1984
Sagun, Leticia R. ODP 4 Organization factors and climate : a case study in personnel administration of Cebu Doctors’ College 1984
Roldan, Antonio C. ODP 5 Dynamics of change management : a case study 1985
Maturan, Eulalio ODP 6 Evaluative analysis of Dansalan College Foundation, Inc. as a private voluntary organization : a systems approach 1986
Miravite, Agustin F. ODP 7 Study to determine the effectiveness of a human relations workshop for Filipino born Chinese managers 1986
De los Santos, Edna Flor M. ODP 8 Determinants of job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness in the metropolitan waterworks and sewerage system 1987
Santos, Eligio Ma. P. ODP 9 Towards stabilizing OD efforts in a large sales organization : a case study 1987
Komolmas, Prathip M. ODP 10 Management of a higher education institution : its ststems performance and systems effectiveness a case study of Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC) 1988
Macrohon, Estrella P. ODP 11 Effect of an OD approach to barrio development, The 1988
Crisme, Mary Carmel Villacrusis ODP 12 Study of the effects of organizational development and interventions in the organizational values and synergy of the Assumption Educational System, A 1990
Quibilan, Lily C. ODP 13 OD intervention effects on perception of roles and functions of HRD 1990
de Torres, Amor Q. ODP 14 Initial assesment of OD intervention of an educational organization in Cagayan de Oro 1994
Manabat, Conchita L. ODP 15 managing developmental changes in a professional organization : a case study 1994
Marcojos, Eufracia L. ODP 16 Effects of OD interventions on selected factors characteristic of certain schools of Holy Spirit Educational System, The 1995
Baclig, Mario Villegas ODP 17 Study of the relationship between selected personal organizational factors and the implementation of the Salesian Educative-Pastoral Project (SEPP) 1996
Joyner, Charles W. ODP 18 Effects of a proposed Ecletic Organization Development Model to pilot implementation of competency – based education 1998
Salvani, Clare Cecilia ODP 19 Effectiveness of OD interventions on the educational system of Assumption College, Mazkati City 1998
Sevilla, Mary Annne S. ODP 20 Assesment of the organizational effectiveness in autonomous contemplative monasteries 1998
Tebelin Vicente M. ODP 21 Status of values formation program of secondary schools of the division of City Schools of Manila Ethical and academic implications 1998
Fabricante, Blesilda G. ODP 22 Lay empowerment in the basic Ecclesial communities of the Diocese of Tagum in the Year 1998 1999
Kamwendo, Elden Gerald ODP 23 Study of organization development interventions on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Adventist University of the Philippines 1999
Tamayo, Antonio laperal ODP 24 Systems development from uni-school to multi-school system operarions of University of Perpetual Help Rizal : a case study, The 2001

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