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Theses: Educational Management (MAED)

Morales, Vicenta M. EM 01 Management fuctions practised in the Perpetual Help System : an exploratory study, The 1988
Carpio, Lourdes L. EM 02 Relationship of job satisfaction and interpersonal relations to job performance of faculty and staff of Ann Arbor Montessori School, Sy 1998-1999 1999
Hernandez – Reyes, Julia EM 03 Secondary co-curricular activities of the University of Perpetual Help Rizal and Correlates : staus and prospects, The 2000
Honrales, Maxima R. EM 04 Factors associated with work values of teachers in Las Piñas National High School, 1999 – 2000 2000
Lucena, Josefina M. EM 05 Relationship of first language component to the engish performance of the grade 6 pupils of district III Las ñas City 2001
Matutino, Josie S. EM 06 Personality traits of dance instructors relative to selected variables : implications to physical education improvement 2001
Capili, Crisologa B. EM 07 Faculty Morale and Job Satisfaction of Teachers Relative to Students Achievement at Christian Values School 2002
Flores, Perla T. EM 08 Leadership styles of principals and job satisfaction of teachers in selected private secondary schools in Parañaque City : implications to school management 2002
Montano, Roland Tamon EM 09 Conflict management of priest-directors of selected catholic schools in Metropolitan see of Manila 2002
Cesita, Naicy M. EM 10 Learning styles of selected secondary students : implications of instruction 2003
Esporlas, Gina V. EM 11 Motivational strategies used by teachers : implications to students academic achievement 2003
Galang, Ma. Theresa M. EM 12 Strategic directions for Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas 2003
Geslani, Ma. Luisa Lapus EM 13 Short messaging service incursion into the way freshmen students of UPHR write 2003
Jacinto, Dane EM 14 Self concept and personality style of secondary teachers : basis for a proposed behavior modification program for faculty 2003
Malupa – Duritan, Mary Josephine EM 15 Preschool education and the cognitive and non-cognitive achievement of college students at the University of P_erpetual Help Rizal (UPHR) 2003
Mendoza, Lourdes A. EM 16 Effects of multisensory teaching on attitude and achievement in ‘travel management and operations’ among Bachelorof Science I Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Students 2003
Ocampo, Aileen A. EM 17 Hotel and Restaurant Management Program of the University of Perpetual Help Rizal : strategic directions, The 2003
Rances, Cecilia Valencia EM 18 Moral and social values of mothers : implications to students’ bahavior during examinations, The 2003
Salonga, Reynaldo M. EM 19 Proposed improved sports development for a private university, A 2003
Banzon, Yasmin P. EM 20 Development and Validation of a Qualifying Examination for Incoming Third Year Doctor of Dental Medicine Students 2004
Espino, Herminigilda EM 21 Community Based Training Program: Towardsw a Model for CBTED Evaluation 2004
Garcia, Amelita C. EM 22 Increasing Student Achievement in Algebra Using Motivational Strategies 2004
Jacinto, Marivic EM 23 Critical Evaluation of Researches Conducted on Educational Management/Administration in the Graduate Schools of Paranaque and Las Piñas, A 2004
Olanda, Mary Gene M. EM 24 Five-Year Development Plan for Canon Migliaccio in General Santos City 2004
Rivera, Ma. Lenita EM 25 Reading Readiness, Vocabulary Development, and Mathematical Readiness of Pre-School Children from Father Absent Families 2004
Bravo, Ma. Azucena P. EM 26 Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) Test and Grade Four Pupil’s Performance: ITS Implications to the District Reading Program 2005
Legaspi, Inocentes Jr. M. EM 27 Study Habits and Academic Achievement in Mathematics of Intermediate Pupils in Three Family Oned Basic Education in West Las Piñas City 2006
Rances, Frances V. EM 28 Levels of bullying as related to personal and family characteristics of intermediate students of De La Salle Santiago Zobel: as Basis for a Family School – Based Support Program 2006
Tiongson, Bona Mae B. EM 29 Extent of Student Personnel Services in the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Implications to SPS Program Improvement 2006
Alvarez, Romeo N. EM 30 Relationship Between Perpetualite Core Values and the Character Formation of Graduating Students Batch 2007 in the Light of the University Credo 2007
Laguna, Arvin B. EM 31 Analysis of Dentistry Curriculum of the University of Perpetual Help System: A Source Reference for Curriculum Engineeri9ng 2007
Olaño, Edgar B. EM 32 Correlates of Academic Performances of the Senior Secondary Students of the Business High Subjects of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) Las Piñas City 2007
Dequito, Carmen M. EM 33 Lay Empowerment in the Basic Ecclesial Communities in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplaincy Cupang, Muntinlupa, Diocese of Paranaque 2008
Laperal, Arianne D. EM 34 Effects of Gaming Strategy on the Mathematics Performance of Grade 3 Students of the Basic Education Department of UPHSD – Las Piñas City 2008
Neumann, Hedilisa A. EM 35 Benchmarking Leadership Practices of Administrators of Selected Private Educational Institutions as Basis for School Improvement 2008
Lapinid, Lino Horacio EM 36 Training needs analysis of the citizen Armed Force Internal Security Operations: Reinforcing Roles Through a Continous Education Training Program 2009
Palmejar, Roy C. EM 37 Assesment of Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Training Center : basis for strategic policy 2010
Dicman, Robert F. EM 38 The Historical development of pilgrims evengelistic academy of Christian education (P.E.A.C.E.) in Cauayan City, Isabela : basis for an enhancement plan 2011
Regalario, Davie C. EM 39 Status of bachellor of science in respiratory theraphy (BSRT) program based on the six quality indicators : an assesment 2011

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