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Pathfinders: Educational Management


Supervision of Instruction

Tesfaw, T. A.; Hofman, R. H. (2012).  Instructional supervision and its relationship with professional development: perception of private and government secondary school teachers in Addis Ababa.

Titanji, Peter Fon; Yuoh, Nchia Mary-Judith (2010).  Supervision of instruction in Cameroon: are pedagogic inspectors doing their work?.

Comparative Philosophy of Education : Global Education

Bergstrom, Ylva (2010).  The Universal right to education: freedom, equality and “fraternity”.

Burik, Steven (2009).  Opening philosophy to the world: Derrida and education in philosophy.

De Lissovoy, Noah (2011).  Pedagogy in common: democratic education in the global era.  

Enslin, Penny; Tjiattas, mary; Todd, Sharon (2009).  Philosophy of education and the gigantic affront of universalism.

Galloway, Sara (2012).  Reconsidering emancipatory education: staging a conversation between Paulo Freire and Jacques Ranciere.

Gokce, Asiye Toker; Celep, Cevat (2011).  A Comparison of educational systems of Turkey, Malta, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

KaramustafaoĞlu, Orhan (2009).  A Comparative analysis of the models of teacher education in terms of teaching practices in the USA, England and Turkey.

Klenowski, Val (2009).  Public education matters: reclaiming public education for the common good in a global era.

Lee, Lung-Sheng; Lai, Chun-Chin (2012).  Global trends in workplace learning.

Liu, Siping (2010).  Teachers’ knowledge: review from comparative perspective.

McDonough, Tim (2009).  The Hypothesis of incommensurability and multicultural education.

Miller, Errol (2009).  Universal secondary education and society in the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Milligan, Jeffrey Ayala; Stanfill, Enoch; Widyanto, Anton (2011).  Philosophers without borders? Toward a comparative philosophy of education.

Nair, Indira; Norman, Marie; Tucker, G. Richard (2012).  The Challenge of global literacy: an ideal opportunity for liberal professional education.

Ostinelli, Giorgio (2009).  Teacher education in Italy, Germany, England, Sweden and Finland.

Samuel, Francis A. (2011).  Educational visions from two continents: what Tagore adds to the Deweyan perspective.

Schrottner, Barbara Theresia (2010).  The Effects of globalization phenomena on educational concepts.

Silova, Iveta; Brehm, William C. (2010).  For the love of knowledge.

Sobe, Noah W.; Ness, Corinne (2010).  Comparative history of education: William Brickman and the study of educational flows, transfers, and circulations.

Striano, Maura (2009).  Managing educational transformation in the globalized world: a Deweyan perspective.

Tanase, Madalina Florentina; Leavitt, Teresa Ann (2011).  The Impact of teacher education programs on in-service teachers in China and USA.

Wang, Jessica Ching-Sz (2009).  Reconstructing Deweyan democratic education for a globalizing world.  

Watras, Joseph (2010).  Globalization and philosophy of education.

Wisler, Andria (2010).  Response to Noah Sobe’s Rethinking Cosmopolitanism as an analytic for the comparative study of globalization and education.

Yang, Rui (2011).  Self and the other in the Confucian cultural context: implications of China’s higher education development for comparative studies.

Strategic Planning of Schools : Concepts and Techniques; Educational Planning and Evaluation

Altinkurt, Yahya (2010).  Attitudes of employees of provincial directorates of national education and school administrators towards strategic planning.

Al-Zboon, Mohammad Saleem; Hasan, Manal Subhi (2012).  Strategic school planning in Jordan.

Bassett, Patrick F. (2012).  Strategic planning is an oxymoron.

Berry, Barnett (2009).  The Strategic management of human capital: making the smart investments in teachers and principals.

Bonstingl, John Jay (2009).  Strategic planning during tough times.

Bozeman, William; Addair, Janet (2010).  Strategic planning for educational excellence.

Campbell, Christine; Gross, Betheny (2012).  Strategic long-range plannng.

Consortium for Policy Research in Education (2009).  Taking human capital seriously: talented teachers in every classroom, talented principals in every school; principles and recommendations for the strategic management of human capital in public education.

Dessoff, Alan (2011).  Making schools future-proof.

Johnson, Christopher G. (2009).  Transforming education: enabling learning for all Arizona students; the Arizona long-range strategic educational technology plan.

LaMaster, Jen (2012).  Give your old-school curriculum a NETS makeover.

New Mexico Public Education Department (2010).  A World class education: strategic plan, 2010-2015.

Ngoma, Sylvester (2010).  Improving student learning: a strategic planning framework for an integrated student information system in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

Noel-Levitz, Inc. (2009).  Six essentials–and six common mistakes–in cabinet-level strategic enrollment planning.

Özdem, Güven (2011).  An Analysis of the mission and vision statements on the strategic plans of higher education institutions.

Şahin, İdris (2013).  The Principals of primary schools ideas on their school development strategies and practices.

Sirat, Morshidi Bin (2010).  Strategic planning directions of Malaysia’s higher education: university autonomy in the midst of political uncertainties.

Songhua, Tan; Wang, Catherine Yan (2012).  Strategic planning for deepening the all-around structural reform of education.

Tarcza, Teodora; Florian, Gyula Laszlo; Bodog, Simona Aurelia (2012).  Strategic planning for effective school governance in Romania.

Yelken, Tugba Yanpar; Kilic, Figen; Ozdemir, Caner (2012).  The Strategic planning (SWOT) analysis outcomes and suggestions according to the students and the lecturers within the distance education system.

Yildirim, Nail (2010).  Increasing effectiveness of strategic planning seminars through learning style.

School of Business Management

Case Analysis in Education and Decision Making

Education, Society and Culture : Theory and Practice

Educational Innovations : Trends, Issues and Practices; Current Trends and Techniques in Teaching and Learning

Advanced Curriculum Planning, Evaluation and Development; Curriculum Development and Evaluation Models

Kim, Young Chun (2010).  Transnational curriculum studies: reconceptualization discourse in South Korea.

Rodriguez, Encarna (2011).  Reflections from an international immersion trip: new possibilities to institutionalize curriculum.

Svensson, Lennart; Wihlborg, Monne (2010).  Internationalising the content of higher education: the need for a curriculum perspective.

Leadership in Education; Theories and Practice of Education Management

Benjamin, Steve (2011).  Simple leadership techniques: rubrics, checklists, and structured collaboration.

Davies, Brent; Davies, Barbara J. (2010).  The Nature and dimensions of strategic leadership.

Glanz, Jeffrey (2010).  Justice and caring: power, politics and ethics in strategic leadership.

Hargis, Jace (2012).  A Doctoral program for the world: global tertiary education and leadership.

Ishaq, Kashan; Kritsonis, William Allan (2009).  School leadership makes a difference: a sociological perspective of effective strategic planning and integrating realms of meaning into school improvement.

Cooper, Kenneth J. (2011).  The Mark of a leader: longevity, strategic planning and vision bring academic and financial success to Xavier.

Magno, Cathryn (2009).  Reimagining the school leadership paradigm in a postsocialist context

Quong, Terry; Walker, Allan (2010).  Seven principles of strategic leadership.

Sommers, Denise (2009).  Information leadership… leading with the end in mind.

Yin Cheong Cheng (2010).  A Topology of three-wave models of strategic leadership in education.

Supervision of Instruction

Titanji, Peter Fon; Yuoh, Nchia Mary-Judith (2010).

Personnel Administration in School Systems and Manpower Development; Personnel Management and Staff Development

Fieldwork in School Management

Physical Facilities Management

Kwok, Michael (2009).  Making the case for facility modernization, renovation, and repair.

Seminar on Organization and Implementation of Community Outreach Services with Immersion

Management of School Systems


Rajasingham, Lalita (2011).  New challenges facing universities in the Internet-driven global environment.

Faculty Development Programs and School Training; Continuing Education

Pedder, David; Opfer, V. Darlee (2010).  Planning and organisation of teachers’ continuous professional development in schools in England.

Financial Management in Schools

Management of Non-formal Education

Issues and Problems on Philippine Education System

Communications of Human Relations in Schools

Laws on Education

Human Behavior in Organizations

Instructional Consultanship

Project Management in Education Management Series

PhD01 501 –  Comparative Philosophy of Education : Global Education

Bernardo, Allan B. (2002).  International higher education: models, conditions and issues.

PhD01 524 – Strategic Planning of Schools : Concepts and Techniques

Drori, Gili S. (2013).  Branding universities: trends and strategies.

PhD01 525 – Leadership in Education

Barnett, Ronald (2013).  Imagining the university.

Alba, Michael (2007).  Estimating literacy rate: a study relating llteracy rate with combined gross elementary and secondary schools enrollment rate.

Arcelo, Adriano A. (2003).   In pursuit of continuing quality in higher education through accreditation: the Philippine experience.

Ali, Murad & Shastri, Rajesh Kumar (2010).  Implementation of total quality management in higher education.

Becket, Nina & Brookes, Maureen (2008).  Quality management practice in higher education – what quality are we actually enhancing?

Flores, Pedro V. (1981).  Educational innovation in the Philippines: a case study of project.

Halim, Rosnarizah Abdul, Senin, Amin & Manaf, Abdul Razak (2009).  Innovation in educational management and leadership: high impact competency for Malaysian school leaders.

Heck, Ronald H. & Hallinger, Philip (2005).  The Study of Educational Leadership and Management Where Does the Field Stand Today

Joshi, Kishore M. (2007)  An Exploration of private sector financing of higher education in the Philippines and its policy implications for India.

Khattri, Nidhi, Ling, Cristina & Jha Shreyasi (2010).  The Effects of school-based management in the Philippines: an initial assessment using administrative data.

Miron, Gary, Urschel, Jessica L. & Mathis, William J. (2010).  Schools without diversity: education management organizations, charter schools, and the demographic stratification of the American school system.

Orleans, Antriman V. (2007).  The Condition of secondary school physics education in the Philippines: recent developments and remaining challenges for substantive improvements.

Ruiz, Adela Jamorabo & Junio-Sabio, Cecilia (2012).  Quality assurance in higher education in the Philippines.

Valenzuela, Ethel Agnes P. (2010).  Decentralization of Education in the Philippines: Status, Trends and Challenges.

Wolhuter, C. C., Sullivan, M. O., Anderson, E., Wood, L., Karras, K. G., Mihova, M., … Thongthew, S. (2011).  Students’ expectations of and motivations for studying comparative education: A comparative study across nine countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America



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