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Business Administration


Business Law and Legal Management


Digital Technology and Information Management

Economic Systems and Global Business

Economic Theories and Application

Entrepreneurial Management 

Enterprise Development, Project Planning and Financing

Ethics, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Executive Performance, Career Development and Compensation

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Management

Financial Planning and Management

Global Best Practices and Current Trends

Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Behavior in Organization

Human Resource Management

Leadership and Governance

Management Economics

Management Information Systems

Managing Global Transitions is a business, economics and interdisciplinary research journal, aimed at providing a forum for disseminating scholarship focused on transitions. The journal seeks to publish ground breaking work in management research that will provide integrated and diverse perspectives on the processes of change and evolution in a broad range of disparate fields, including, for example, business, economics, general and strategic management, education, systems theory, leadership development, entrepreneurship, marketing, sociology, psychology, informatics, technology, decision-making theory, and action learning.

Marketing Management

Methods of Research

Methods of Research & Statistics

Operations Management

Organization and Development

Organization Development

Organizational Accounting

Organizational Performance and Transformational Leadership

Organizational Theory and Behavior

Philosophy of Business

Public Administration and Management

Quantitative Techniques

Risk Management

Strategic Human Resource Development

Strategic Management

Supply Chain Management

Systems Theories and Organizational Behavior

Thesis Writing and Presentation



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