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Print Collection includes reading materials that are housed in the graduate school library office.  They can be checked out or loaned out and for specific guidelines, e-mail ramospnulisaa@yahoo.com

A2 105 B373 Humanities and the digital arts Bascara, Linda R. HUMANITIES AND TECHNOLOGY 2008 41
AS6 J65 How to run seminars and workshops: presentation skills for consultants, trainers and teachers Jolles, Robert L. TRAINING 1993 22207
AS6K47 The Strategy of meetings Kieffer, George David MEETINGS 1988 22213
AS6W67 A Working guide for successful conferences CONFERENCES 1989 23485
B1199 O24 Objectivity, simulation and the unity of consciousness: current issues in the philosophy of mind Peacocke, Christopher MIND (PHILOSOPHY) 1994 22145
B1247 C26 The Cambridge companion to Hobbes Sorrell, Tom HOBBES 1996 8938
B1297 C29 The Cambridge companion to Locke Chappell, Vere LOCKE 1995 21577
B1498 C26 The Cambridge companion to Hume Norton, David Fate HUME 1993 21760
B1875 C25 The Cambridge companion to Descartes Cottingham, John DESCARTES 1995 21972
B2017 B75 The Discourse of enlightenment in eighteenth century France: Diderot and art of philosophizing PHILOSOPHY–18TH CENTURY 1993 21487
B2430 C29 The Cambridge companion to Sarte Howells, Christina SARTE 1995 21952
B2598 C335 The Cambridge companion to Leibniz Jolley, Nickdas LEIBNIZ 1995 8942
B2798 C36 The Cambridge companion to Kant Guyer, Paul KANT 1995 21961
B2798 C36 The Cambridge companion to Freud Nev, Jerome FREUD 1994 21962
B29.5 Q57 Phenomenology: Edmund Husser and Edith Stein Quito, Emerita S. PHENOMENOLOGY 2001 25214
B3258 C35 The Cambridge companion to Habermas White, Stephen K. HABERMAS 1995 21958
B3279 C25 The Cambridge companion to Heidegger Guignon, Charles HEIDEGGER 1995 21956
B3305 C35 The Cambridge companion to Marx Carver, Terrell MARX 1994 L846
B3317 C29 The Cambridge companion to Nietsche Magnus, Bernd NIETZCHE 1996 8943
B358 W67 The Works of Plato Edmon, Erwin PLATO 1956 21974
B395 C28 The Cambridge companion to Plato Kraut, Richard PLATO 1995 21906
B3998 C35 The Cambridge companion to Spinoza Garreth, Don SPINOZA 1996 8944
B41E56 An Encyclopedia of philosophy Parkinson, G.H.R. PHILOSOPHY–ENCYCLOPEDIAS 1988 21950
B43 S56 The Everything guide to understanding philosophy: the basic concepts of the greatest thinkers of all time-made easy Shouler, Kenneth PHILOSOPHY 2008 54
B51O94 The Oxford companion to philosophy Honderich, Ted PHILOSOPHY 1995 856
B52.7 B38 A Guide to thesis writing in philosophy: part I; proposal writing Batoon, Emmanuel D. PHILOSOPHY–THESIS WRITING 2005 30619
B72 G74 Great thinkers of the western world McGreal, Ian P. PHILOSOPHERS 1992 25717
B765 C29 The Cambridge companion to Aquinas Kretzman, Norman AQUINAS 1995 21968
B804 B54 Biographical dictionary of twentieth century philosophers Brown, Stuart PHILOSOPHERS–20TH CENTURY 1996 21988
BC 199 W55 Vagueness Williamson, Timothy VAGUENESS 1994 21951
BD 21 W66 A preface to philosophy Woodhouse, Mark B. PHILOSOPHY 2003 4208
BD 418.3 M364 The mind and its world McCulloch, Gregory MIND (PHILOSOPHY) 1995 10776
BD 418.3 P43 Vicissitudes of the I: an inttroduction to the philosophy of mind Phillips, Hollibert E. MIND (PHILOSOPHY) 1995 10775
BD21 S76 Philosophy: 100 essential thinkers Stokes, Philip PHILOSOPHERS 2006 24697
BF 175.4 M32 Doing counselling approach McLeod, John COUNSELING 2003 4027
BF 376 K39 Behavior modification in applied settings Kazdin, Allan E. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION 1984 21918
BF 441 C625 Critical thinking: building the basics Smith, Donald E.P. CRITICAL THINKING 1998 10773
BF 637 C67 Principle centered leadership Covey, Stephen R. LEADESHIP 1991 22403
BF 697 O74 An Eclectic approach Osborne, Randall E. ECLECTIC APPROACH 1996 10779
BF 723 B78 Children communication skills: from birth to five years Buckley, Belinda CHILDREN AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS 2003 4045
BF S75 Embracing their memory: loss and the social psychology of storytelling Harvey, John H. STORYTELLING (SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY) 1996 10774
BF181 M22 Research methods McBurney, Donald H. RESEARCH–METHODOLOGY 1998 10762
BF39 W3 Beginning statistics for psychology Watson, Ray STATISTICS (PSYCHOLOGY) 1993 21778
BF431 R67 Rorschach’s tests: basic processes TESTS–RORSCHACH TESTS–RORSCHACH 1961 LPGx1
BF431 S32 Psychoanalytic interpretation in Rorschach testing: theory and application Schafer, Roy TESTS–RORSCHACH 1954 LPGx2
BF431 S62 Rorschach location and scoring manual Small, Leonard TESTS–MANUALS–RORSCHACH 1956 LPGx3
BF637 C68 The Seven habits of highly effective people: restoring the character ethic Covey, Stephen R. CHARACTER 1989 25686, 30109
BF637 G53 Outliers: the story of success Gladwell, Malcolm SUCCESS 2008 25670
BF697.5 L38 Teaching with confidence: a guide to enhancing teacher self-esteem Lawrence, Denis TEACHING AND SELF-ESTEEM 1999 21801
BF713 M56 Developmental research methods Miller, Scott A. RESEARCH METHODS (DEVELOPMENTAL) 1998 8950
BF723 Q57 Values education through history Quisumbing, Lourdes R. VALUES EDUCATINO AND HISTORY 1996 21703
BF76.5 F5713 An introduction to qualitative research Flick, Uwe RESEARCH (QUALITATIVE) 2002 41, 1529
BF76.5 M57 Research design explained Mitchell, Mark RESEARCH DESIGN 2001 21854
BF76.5 Q36 Qualitative psychology: a practical guide to research methods Smith, Jonathan A. PSYCHOLOGY–RESEARCH 2003 4030
BJ 1188 M66 Moral issues: philosophical and religious perspectives Palmer, Gabriel MORALITY 1996 10769
BJ 1395 M48 Subjection and subjectivity: psychoanalytic feminism and moral philosophy Meyers, Diana Tiet jens FEMINISM AND MORALITY; MORAL PHILOSOPHY 1994 10771
BJ 1461 F75 Oxford readings in philosophy: free will Watson, Gary FREE WILL 1982 8951
BL1900 H45 The Tao of leadership: Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching adapted for a new age Heider, John LEADERSHIP (TAOISM) 1985 30089
BL310 B82 Bulfinch’s mythology including the complete texts of the age of fable, the age of chivalry, legends of Charlemagne MYTHOLOGY 1979 21784
BT695 R67 The Living with nature handbook Rotor, Abercio V. NATURE–RELIGIOUS ASPECTS 2003 25211
BV1534 A46 Almost every answer for practically any teacher!: the 7 laws of the learner Wilkinso, Bruce H. TEACHING–RELIGIOUS ASPECTS 1992 30102
BV4908.5 P43 The Power of positive thinking Peale, Norman Vincent POSITIVE THINKING 1978 30086
CB361 C35 The Cambridge companion to Renaissance humanism Kraye, Jell HUMANISM (RENAISSANCE) 1996 21661
D24 Z35 World history: a chronological approach Zaide, Gregorio F. WORLD HISTORY 1989 30120
DA4 T42 Teaching history Bourdillon, Hilary HISTORY–STUDY AND TEACHING 1994 21501
DA566.9 H39 Churchill on leadership: executive success in the face of adversity Haynard, Steven F. LEADERSHIP 1998 30097
DS 520.5 91 Educational policy and planning project: a government of Indonesia – USAID Project Kemmerer, Frances EDUCATIONAL POLICY–INDONESIA 1990 21802-803
DS501 S688 Southeast Asian affairs 2009 Singh, Daljit SOUTHEAST ASIA–PERIODICALS 2009 14
DS501 S688 Southeast Asian affairs 2008 Singh, Daljit ASIA, SOUTHEASTERN 2008 15
DS511 C67 The Far East: a history of the western impact and the eastern response (1830-1970) ASIA, FAR EASTERN 1972 13885
DS523.4 S879 Understanding the ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia Suryadinata, Leo CHINESE–SOUTHEAST ASIA 2007 11
E178.1 T56 America: a narrative history Tindall, George Brown UNITED STATES–HISTORY 2004 25035
G1021 B37 Mini world atlas Bartholomew WORLD ATLAS 1987 30095
G128 D84 World geography Duka, Cecilio D. GEOGRAPHY 2007 25254
G155 R47 Research and writing dissertations in hospitality and tourism Clark, Mona HOSPITALITY (RESEARCH); TOURISM (RESEARCH); DISSERTATIONS (WRITING) 1999 21986
G77 H36 Standard world atlas Hammond WORLD ATLAS 1977
GE105 C86 Environmental science Cunningham, William P. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2003 21
GE105 E54 Environmental science: a study of interrelationships ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2001 27667
GE70 P35 The Handbook of environmental education Palmer, Joy ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION 1994 21858-59
GV343.5 G4 School athletic administration: a textbook for professional students and a guide for local athletic directors George, Jack T. SPORTS ADMINISTRATION 1966 21845
GV443 P344 Dynamic physical education for elementary school children Pangrazt, Robert P. PHYSICAL EDUCATION–ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS 1995 21532
H1 E77 Evaluation studies: review annual; volume 12 Shadish, William R., Jr. EVALUATION 1987 21682
H5387 H37 Harvard business review on corporate ethics BUSINESS ETHICS 2003 30157
H61 D35 The Good research guide: for small scale social research projects Denscumber, Martyn SOCIAL RESEARCH 2003 4322
H61.25 L55 Linear models in social research Marsden, Peter V. SOCIAL RESEARCH 1981 21559
H62 B2 The Practice of social research Babbie, Earl SOCIAL RESEARCH 1986 21546
H62 B2 Observing ourselves: essays in social research Babbie, Earl SOCIAL RESEARCH 1986 21599-600
H62 C33 Methods and techniques of research Sanchez, C.A. RESEARCH–METHODOLOGY 1980 21809-12
H62 C67 Social research: theory, methods and techniques Corbett, Piergiorgio SOCIAL RESEARCH 2003 4029
H62 E82 Evaluation studies: review annual; volume 8 Light, Richard J. EVALUATION 1983 21709
H62 E82 Evaluation studies: review annual; volume 5 Stromsdorfer, Ernst W. EVALUATION 1980 21715
H62 E83 Evaluation studies: review annual; volume 4, 1979 Sechrest, Lee EVALUATION STUDIES 1979 21683
H62 G63 Methods in social research Goode, William J. SOCIAL RESEARCH 1952 21739, 21969
H62 I657 Introduction to qualitative research methods Bautista, Ma. Lourdes S. RESEARCH (QUALITATIVE) 1992 21807
H62 I66 An introduction to research methods Sevilla, Consuelo RESEARCH–METHODOLOGY 1988 21925
H62 K52 Seltiz, Wrightsman and Look’s: research methods in social relations Kidder, Louise H. SOCIAL RELATIONS–RESEARCH–METHODOLOGY 1981 21819-20, 21904
H62 M37 Research: process report Martinez, Esdras T. RESEARCH 22166
H62 M437 Qualitative data analysis Miles, Matthew B. RESEARCH (QUALITATIVE) 1994 21708
H62 P74 Using documents in social research Prior, lindsay SOCIAL RESEARCH 2003 4028
H62 S33 Methods and techniques of research Sanchez, Custodiosa A. RESEARCH 1998 21741
H62 S44 Research methods in social relations Selltiz, Claire SOCIAL RELATIONS–RESEARCH–METHODOLOGY 1976 21618
H62 Y56 Case study research: volume 5 Yin, Robert K. CASE METHOD 2003 LP6x7
H9 29 H242 Statistical analysis for decision making Hamburg, Morris STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING 1991 22356
HA17 O9 The Oxford dictionary of statistical terms Dodge, Yadolah STATISTICS–DICTIONARIES 2006 31560
HA29 A5833 Statistics as applied to education and other related fields Asaad, Abubakar S. STATISTICS 2002 5
HA29 D243 Business statistics: basic concepts and methodology Daniel, Wayne W. STATISTICS (BUSINESS) 1986 22344
HA29 D68 Basic statistical methods Downie, N.M. STATISTICS–METHODOLOGY 1984
HA29 I58 Introduction to statistical methods (with applications) Parel, Cristina P. STATISTICAL METHODS 1966 21776
HA29 L8357 Essence of statistics Loftus, Geoffrey R. STATISTICS 1988 21651
HA29 M278 Statistics for public managers Matiack, William F. STATISTICS 1993 22268
HA29 W35 Introduction to statistics Walpole, Ronald E. STATISTICS 1997 30079
HA35 S73 Statistics for college students Pangan, Milagros R. STATISTICS 1996 22323
HB 171 S292 Study guide for the economy today Schiller, Bradley R. ECONOMICS 1989 22004
HB 171.5 B322 Economics: principles and policy Baumol, William J. ECONOMICS 1988 22018
HB 171.5 B322 Economics: principles and policy Baumol, William J. ECONOMICS 1985 22019
HB 171.5 M47 Economics McConnell, Camopbell R. ECONOMICS 1987 22010
HB 171.5 S292 The Economy today Schiller, Bradley R. ECONOMICS 1989 22008
HB 172 B69 Microeconomics Bayes, Melvin MICROECONOMICS 1991 22020
HB171.5 B52 Study guide to accompany McCunnel’s economics Bingham, Robert ECONOMICS 1987 22255
HB171.5 B97 Economics Byrns, Ralph T. ECONOMICS 1992 22006
HB171.5 D58 Economics Dolan, Edwin G. ECONOMICS 1988 22007
HB171.5 K36 Contemporary economics Kearl, James R. ECONOMICS 1989 22009
HB172 A64 Microeconomics: concepts, analysis and applications Amos, Orley M., Jr. MICROECONOMICS 1987 22355
HB172 B49 Microeconomics: an integrated approach Besanko, David A. MICROECONOMICS 2002 25673-74
HB172 B49 Study guide to accompany microeconomics: an integrated approach Besanko, David A. MICROECONOMICS 2002 25680-81
HB172 H957 Microeconomics Hyman, David MICROECONOMICS 1992 22021
HB172 M38 Economic analysis: theory and application Maurice, S. Charles ECONOMICS 1982 23403
HB172 M393 Microeconomics: a contemporary introduction McEachern, William A. MICROECONOMICS 1991 22023
HB172.5 D67 Macroeconomics Dornbusch, Rudiger ECONOMICS 1987 21583
HB172.5 S3425 The Macroeconomy today Schiller, Bradley R. ECONOMICS 1989 22028
HB615 A68 How to start and manage your own business: a manual Andres, Thomas D. BUSINESS–MANUALS 1988 23402
HB76 H4 The Worldly philosopher: the lives, times, and ideas of the great economic thinkers Heilbroner, Robert L. ECONOMICS AND PHILOSOPHERS 1968 22120
HB90 G73 Comparative economic systems Stuart, Gregory ECONOMIC SYSTEMS 1995 22343
HC252 S44 Sell’s directory: products and services PRODUCTS–DIRECTORIES; SERVICES–DIRECTORIES 1985 23425
HC445.8 S1543 Singapore business Genzberger, Christine A. BUSINESS–SINGAPORE 1994 22042
HC45 5847 The Strategic management of technololgical innovation Loveridge, Ray TECHNOLOGY (MANAGEMENT) 1990 22192
HC455 P6 Philippine economics Pagoso, Cristobal M. ECONOMICS–PHILIPPINES 2001 22320
HC470.3 H6655 Hongkong business Genzberger, Christine A. BUSINESS–HONG KONG 1994 22043
HC79 B69 Improving total corporate productivity Boy, Raymond A. PRODUCTIVITY (CORPORATIONS) 1986 22191
HD 20 K29 Case writing and teaching manual Kalaw, Pilar D. CASE WRITING 1982 21980-81
HD 30.3 M867 Personal effectiveness Murdock, Alexander EFFECTIVESS 1993 22383
HD 62.7 B72 Mazimizing profits in small and medium-sized businesses Braverman, Jerome D. PROFITS (BUSINESS) 1983 22376
HD1415 B374 Introduction to agricultural economics Pensondo, John D. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS 1996 2204
HD20.7 M36 Managerial analysis and decision support: a guidebook and case studies MANAGEMENT 2004 30118
HD2326 C6 Competence, governance and entrepreneurship Foss, Nicolai ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2002 31562
HD257 D56 Urban economics and real-estate markets Pasquale, Denise REAL ESTATE 1996 22017
HD2741 P69 The Power to govern Navarro, Gregorio S. GOVERNANCE 2007 30117
HD2746 C36 Managing corporate growth Canals, Jordi CORPORATE GROWTH 2000 22209
HD2746.5 H37 Harvard business review on mergers and acquisitions CONSOLIDATED AND MERGER OF CORPORATIONS 2001 30133
HD2785.5 D35 International business: environments and operations Daniels, John D. BUSINESS 1991 22257
HD28 M316 Management MANAGEMENT 1999 21875
HD2905 P88 Philippine 5000: managing the Philippines in an era of change and growth CORPORATIONS–PHILIPPINES 1994 23430
HD30.15 S48 Managerial literacy: what today’s must know how to succeed Shaw, Gary MANAGEMENT 1990 22234
HD30.2 H37 Harvard business review on the business value of IT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1999
HD30.213 M38 Management information systems McLeod, Raymond, Jr. MANAGEMENT–INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1990 22372
HD30.213 W55 Managing information Wilson, David A. MANAGEMENT–INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1993 23396
HD30.215 K45 Statistics for management and economics Keller, Gerald STATISTICS (MANAGEMENT); STATISTICS (ECONOMICS) 1988 22224
HD30.22 B38 Managerial economics Baye, Michael R. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 2000 22030
HD30.22 H34 Managerial economics Hailstones, Thomas J. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 1985 25219
HD30.22 T78 Managerial economics MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 1995 22022
HD30.23 H37 Harvard business review on decision making DECISION MAKING 2001 30140
HD30.23 H69 Administrators solving the problems of practice Hoy, Wayne K. MANAGEMENT 1995 222279
HD30.25 A53 Introduction to management science: quantitative approaches to decision making Anderson MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 1994 22230
HD30.25 S755 Cases strategic management Strickland, A.J. STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1988 22364
HD30.255 W55 The sustainability advantage: seven business case benefits of a triple bottom line Williard, Bob BUSINESS CASE 2002 30090
HD30.27 P43 Business forecasting for management Pecar, Brako MANAGEMENT 1994 22214
HD30.27 W55 Business forecasting Wilson, J. Holton BUSINESS FORECAST 1990 22225
HD30.28 B47 Economics of strategy Besanko, David A. STRATEGIC PLANNING–ECONOMIC ASPECTS 2000 30101
HD30.28 C4 Cases in strategic management and business policy Ginter, Peter M. BUSINESS POLICY; STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1990 22386
HD30.28 D378 Cases in strategic management David, Fred R. STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1995 22371, 23411
HD30.28 D378 Cases in strategic management David, Fred R. STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1991 22245
HD30.28 D38 Strategic management: concepts and cases David, Fred R. STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 2009 24334
HD30.28 E45 Mastering business planning and strategy: the power and application of strategic thinking Elkin, Paul STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 2007 25676
HD30.28 F58 The strategic middle management Floyd, Steven W. MANAGEMENT 1996 22241
HD30.28 H3335 Successful strategic planning Haines, Stephen G. PLANNING 1995 22332
HD30.28 H37 Harvard business review on leading in turbulent times BUSINESS PLANNING 2003 30138
HD30.28 H37 Harvard business review on advances in strategy STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 2002 30141
HD30.28 K37 Strategy maps: converting intangible assets into tangible outcomes Kaplan, Robert S. STRATEGIC PLANNING 2004 25685
HD30.28 S7 Strategic management Rowe STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1989 22306
HD30.28 W748 Strategic management cases Wright, Peter STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1996 22248
HD30.29 B7444 Statistics for business problem solving Brightman, Harvey STATISTICS (BUSINESS) 1992 22227
HD30.29 D44 30 most common problems in management and how to solve them Delaney, William A. MANAGEMENT 1982 22222, 26954
HD30.29 P65 Team problem solving Polcras, Sandy PROBLEM SOLVING (TEAMS) 1995 23363
HD30.3 A73 Corporate communication COMMUNICATION (CORPORATIONS) 2007 29136
HD30.3 A73 Corporate communication COMMUNICATION (CORPORATIONS) 1990 23387
HD30.4 B38 Research and public management Bautista, Victoria PUBLIC MANAGEMENT (RESEARCH) 1998 23428
HD30.4 C6 Business research methods Cooper, Donald R. BUSINESS–RESEARCH–METHODOLOGIES 2006 31561
HD30.4 J136 Business research projects Jankowicz, A.D. BUSINESS–RESEARCHES 1995 21440
HD30.42 A52 Management education in developing countries Anderson, Dole A. MANAGEMENT–STUDY AND TEACHING–DEVELOPING COUNTRIES 1987 21718
HD3027 M343 Forecasting, planning, and strategy for the 21st century Makridakis, Spyns G. MANAGEMENT 1990 21649
HD31 C6134 The Portable MBA Collins, Eliza G. MANAGEMENT 1992 22263
HD31 D174 Modern management methods Dale, Ernest MANAGEMENT 22339
HD31 D78 Management: tasks, responsibilities, practices Dricker, Peter E. MANAGEMENT 1985 30092
HD31 E55 Management: structures, functions, and practices Elkins, Arthur MANAGEMENT 1980 22243
HD31 H195 Handbook of management for the growing business Heyel, Carl BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1987 22274
HD31 H3195 MBA management models Gower MANAGEMENT MODELS 1998 22202
HD31 H54.2 Organization theory Alcantara, Antonio N. ORGANIZATION THEORY 1988 23381
HD31 L425 The Human organization: its management and value Likert, Rensis ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 1967 22399
HD31 L44 Visible hand and the developing economy Limlingan, Victor S. ECONOMICS 1989 22293
HD31 M2926 Management in the Philippine setting Franco, Ernesto A. MANAGEMENT–PHILIPPINES 1988 22402
HD31 R43 Managing effectively Reeves, Tom MANAGEMENT 1994 20842
HD31 R5647 Management Robbins, Stephen P. MANAGEMENT 1997 70768
HD31 S3329 How to boost your return on management Schleh, Eduard C. MANAGEMENT 1984 22190
HD31 S6865 Operations management Starr, Martin K. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 1996 22349
HD31 S76 Management Stoner, James A. MANAGEMENT 1987 25218
HD31 S76 Management Stoner, James A. MANAGEMENT LP6x4
HD31 V318.5 Contemporary management Fleet, Van MANAGEMENT 1988 22300
HD31 V658 101 of the greatest ideas in management Drucker, Peter MANAGEMENT 1986 22294
HD36.28 H3788 Harvard business review on corporate strategy STRATEGY (MANAGEMENT) 1999 22292
HD37 C586 The portable MBA in management Cohen, Allan R. MANAGEMENT 1993 22295
HD38 A73 The Art of managing Jaffee, Cabot L. MANAGEMENT 1991 22196
HD38 F22 Management and organization development Fabella, Gabriel ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT 1976 22297
HD38.2 H37 Harvard business review on developing high potential leaders EXECUTIVE ABILITY 2009 30129
HD38.2 H37 Harvard business review on becoming a high performance manager EXECUTIVES 2002 30134
HD384.2 C63 Privatization: policies, methods, and procedures PRIVATIZATION 1985 22346
HD42 W35 Managing conflict Walton, Richard E. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT 1987 21666
HD45 H37 Harvard business review on the innovative enterprise TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS 2003 30147
HD49 H27 Harvard business review on building personnel and organizational resilience CRISIS MANAGEMENT 2003 30155
HD50.5 S36 Empowerment: a practical guide for success Scott, Cynthia D. EMPOWERMENT 1991 23386
HD50.8 S389 Managing change at work Stott, Cynthia D. CHANGE MANAGEMENT 1995 23388
HD53 C63 Be creative: the toolkit for business success Coade, Neil CREATIVE ABILITY IN BUSINESS 1997 22351
HD53 C745 The Art and success of business management Timpe, A. Dale BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1987 22278
HD56 P8214 Productivity and quality through people Shetty, Y.K. PRODUCTIVITY (BUSINESS); QUALITY (BUSINESS) 1985 22359
HD5650 E52 Encyclopedia of professional management Bittel, Lester R. MANAGEMENT–ENCYCLOPEDIAS, ETC. 1978 23421-22
HD57.7 B33 Leadership and the quest for integrity Badaracco, Joseph L. LEADERSHIP 1989 25714
HD57.7 B46 Geeks & geezers: how era, values, and defining moments shape leaders Bennis, Warren G. LEADERSHIP 2002 25695
HD57.7 E98 Extraordinary: stories for aspiring leaders Magdaraog, Victor L. LEADERSHIP–PHILIPPINES 2008 25713
HD57.7 F37 Maximum leadership: five strategies for success from the world’s leading CEOs Farkas, Charles M. LEADERSHIP 1996 25704
HD57.7 H37 Harvard business review on the tests of a leader LEADERSHIP 2007 30130
HD57.7 H37 Harvard business review on breakthrough leadership LEADERSHIP 2001 30146
HD57.7 K68 The Leadership challenge: how to get extraordinary things done in organizations Kouzes, James M. LEADERSHIP 1987 25705
HD57.7 K83 Values-based leadership Smith, Susan LEADERSHIP AND VALUES 1995 22221
HD57.7 M35 Primal leadership: realizing the power of emotional intelligence Goleman, Daniel LEADERSHIP–PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS 2002 25716
HD57.7 Y85 Leadership in organizations Yukl, Gary A. LEADERSHIP 1989 22226
HD5708.55 B9 Corporate flight: the causes and consequences of economic dislocation Bluestone, Banny CORPORATIONS 1981 440
HD58.6 T46 The Mind and the heart of the negotiator Thompson, Leigh L. NEGOTIATION IN BUSINESS 2000 30106
HD58.7 B69 Organizational behavior Boudith BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 1989 22309
HD58.7 D36 Human behavior at work Davis, Keith BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 1989 22299
HD58.7 L88 Organizational behavior Lethans, Fred BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 1992 22242
HD58.7 N48 Organizational behavior: human behavior at work Newstrom, John W. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 2007 24338
HD58.7 R393 Readings in organizational behavior Sims, Ronald R. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 1992 22375
HD58.7 R62 Organizational behavior Robbins, Stephen P. BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 2001 12309
HD58.7 R62 Organizational behavior Robbins, Stephen P. BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 1993 22305
HD58.7 S476 Behavior in organizations Shani, A.B. BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS 2000 22249
HD58.8 B472 The Change management handbook: a road map to corporate transformation Berger, Lance A. CHANGE MANAGEMENT–HANDBOOKS 1994 21763
HD58.8 G35 Designing dynamic organizations: a hands-on guide for readers at all levels Galbraith, Jay ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE 2002 25675
HD58.8 H37 Harvard business review on innovation ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE 2001 30148
HD58.8 T53 The transformational leader: the key to global competitiveness Ticky, Noel M. LEADERSHIP (TRANSFORMATIONAL) 1990 30119
HD58.8 W45 Taking charge: management guide to troubled companies and turnarounds Whitney, John D. CORPORATE TURNAROUNDS–MANAGEMENT 1999 30110
HD58.82 H37 Harvard business review on organizational learning ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING 2001 30132
HD58.87 J33 The object advantage: business process reengineering with object technology Jacobson, Ivar BUSINESS PROCESS 1995 22334
HD58.9 G72 Managing an effective operation Flowler, Eddie OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 1995 22384
HD58.9 H37 Harvard business review on the high-performance organization ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS 2006 30151
HD588 K37 The Entrepreneurial organization Kao, John J. ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1990 21823
HD60 H37 Harvard business review on leadership in a changed world SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS 2004 30145
HD60.5 L89 Corporations and communities in a developing country: case studies (Philippines) Luz, Juan Miguel CORPORATIONS 1993 21606
HD6060.3 L55 Sexual harassment in the workplace Lightle, Juliana SEXUAL HARASSMENT 1992 21868
HD62 G54 Total quality management in action Gitlow, Howard S. QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1994
HD62 H37 Harvard business review on nonprofits. NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS–MANAGEMENT 1999 30143
HD62.15 B36 The Essence of total quality management Bank, John QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1992 21647
HD62.15 B44 Managing quality Bell, Desmond QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1994 22383
HD62.15 C36 Total quality transformation Caroselli, Marlene QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1991 21829
HD62.15 J35 Total quality management James, Paul QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1996 21650
HD62.15 K363 100 methods for total quality management Kanji, Gopal K. QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1996 22329
HD62.15 L375 Self-assessment for business excellence Lascelles, David SELF (BUSINESS) 1996 22380
HD62.15 O17 Cases in total quality management Oakland, John S. QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1994 22208
HD62.4 B34 International business Ball, Donald A. BUSINESS 1990 23385
HD62.4 G65 Managing in the global organization Goman, Carol Kinsey MANAGEMENT 1995 745
HD62.5 H37 Harvard business review on entrepreneurship ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1999 30137
HD62.7 K8 Small business: planning and management Kuehl, Charles R. BUSINESS 1994 23382
HD6278 A73 Employment and career opportunities after graduation CAREER 1987 21728
HD6331 L48 The New division of labor: how computers are creating the next job market Levy, Frank LABOR SUPPLY–EFFECT TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS ON 2004 25709
HD66 D45 Horizontal management Denton, D. Keith MANAGEMENT 1992 2219
HD66 H37 Harvard business review on teams that succeed TEAMS IN THE WORKPLACE 2004 30154
HD66 H53 Self-managing teams Hicks, Robert F. TEAM MANAGEMENT 1990 21863
HD66 M55 Team games for trainers Nilson, Carolyn TEAM GAMES 1993 22262
HD66 Q36 Quality circles: progress through participation QUALITY CIRCLES 1992 22379
HD66 W4 Managers as facilitators Weaver, Richard G. MANAGERS (FAICLITATORS) 1997 22205
HD67 F755 The Practice of project management Frigenti, Enzo PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2006 29130
HD67 K53 How to start and run a successful consulting business Kishel, Gregory CONSULTING BUSINESS 1996 21998
HD67 S28 Process consulation Schein, Edgar H. PROCESS CONSULTATION 1987 22212
HD69 B35 The Complete idiot’s guide to project management Baker, Sunny PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1998 30093
HD69 B87 Business and the environment Smith, Dennis BUSINESS 1993 22374
HD69 H36 Handbook on management of project implementation PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1986 22405
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