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2012 Newspaper Article Index



Here’s an index for specific articles carefully selected by your graduate school librarian from daily broadsheets for your use.  For specific inquiries,  call @ 871-06-39 local 228.

ACADEMIC FREEDOM Academic freedom in Catholic universities Philippine Daily Inquirer 8/30/2012 A12
ACCOUNTANTS–PHILIPPINES Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accxountants Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 1 to 4
ACTIVISM Activists these days! The Philippine Star 9/22/2012 F2
ADVERTISING How integrated is your advertising campaign? Philippine Daily Inquirer 7/6/2012 B3
AGRARIAN REFORM Agrarian reform Manila Bulletin 12/9/2012 11
AGRICULTURE DA budget and agriculture performance Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/9/2012 B6
AIDS Ending A.I.D.S. Manila Bulletin 11/26/2012 11
AIDS World AIDS Day: Cause for worry in Phl The Philippine Star 12/1/2012 1
AIDS In the real world Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A10
AIDS/HIV 25% hike in new HIV cases noted Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 A9
ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Alternative medicine Philippine Panorama 10/28/2012 22
ANIMAL RIGHTS Animal rights group seeks higher penalty Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 A6
ASEAN Roiling A.S.E.A.N. Manila Bulletin 11/27/2012 11
ASEAN (SUGAR) The Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia form the A.S.E.A.N. sugar alliance Manila Bulletin 12/3/2012 11
ASIA US. China and Asia, The Manila Standard Today 6/30/2012 A5
AUTISM Living with autism on a budget Manila Bulletin 2/13/2012 G1
AUTISM Reading social rules Manila Bulletin 11/5/2012 I1
AUTISM PWAs on the road Manila Bulletin 12/3/2012 H1
AUTISM AND BULLYING Almost half of teens with autism bullied – study Manila Bulletin 12/3/2012 H2
BANKING Banks face future from position of strength: banking semestral Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 Banking 3
BANKING–ROME The Bankers of ancient Rome Manila Bulletin 12/17/2012 11
BARANGAYS Bringing service to the barangays Manila Bulletin 12/9/2012 11
BIR BIR aims at non-stock non-profit entities Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 B3-2
BONDS Should I invest in bonds? Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/31/2012 B2-2
BONIFACIO, ANDRES Bonifacio’s legacy Manila Bulletin 11/30/2012 11
BONIFACIO, ANDRES Continuing the supremo’s legacy Manila Bulletin 11/30/2012 F1
BONIFACIO, ANDRES Who put the bolo in Bonifacio’s hand? Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/4/2012 A15
BRANDING On minding our country brand Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 C4
BROCHURE (MARKETING) How to make a cost-effective marketing brochure Manila Bulletin 11/25/2012 C4
BULLYING Quezon City gov’t enacts law to prevent bullying in schools Manila Bulletin 8/26/2012 21
BULLYING Widespread campus bullying alarms DepEd Manila Bulletin 9/30/2012 1
BULLYING Kid wars Manila Bulletin 10/4/2012 E1
BULLYING Standing for the silent Manila Bulletin 10/25/2012 E1
BULLYING Spotting signs of bullying Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/6/2012 E1
BULLYING Just stop the bullying Manila Bulletin 11/7/2012 F3
BULLYING DepEd moves to stop bullying Manila Bulletin 11/15/2012 16
BULLYING How to protect a child from cyberbullies Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/20/2012 E3
BULLYING How to protect your child from cyberbullies Manila Bulletin Digital Generation 12/7/2012 18
BULLYING Bullying study Manila Bulletin 12/27/2012 11
BUSINESS Business is more than business Manila Bulletin 3/10/2012 B2
BUSINESS Business registration in PH now made easier Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/23/2012 B2
BUSINESS Role of business in transformative change and inclusive growth Philippine Daily Inquirer 9/24/2012 B3-2
BUSINESS Enhancing competitiveness Manila Bulletin 10/24/2012 B6
BUSINESS Doing business in the Philippines Manila Bulletin 10/26/2012 11
BUSINESS Stating business in the Philippines Manila Bulletin 10/31/2012 B2
BUSINESS Filipino business confidence rises amid global volatility Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/5/2012 B6
BUSINESS Making your business disaster-proof Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 C3
BUSINESS Tommanny Tan: president and CEO, Fern Inc. Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 C4
BUSINESS Good gov’t equals good performance Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 11
BUSINESS Isauro V. San Pedro, Jr.: president and corporate  director, B-Mirk Group of Companies Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 C3
BUSINESS Who wants to be truly rich? Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 B4-2
BUSINESS Four critical financial indicators that affect business Manila Bulletin 12/2/2012 C4
BUSINESS CULTURE Blunders are part of life Manila Bulletin 12/15/2012 B-2
BUSINESS PROCESSING OUTSOURCING Philippines back office industry Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 12
BUSINESS PROCESSING OUTSOURCING Survey reveals fragile IT-BPO ecosystem Manila Bulletin 12/12/2012 B-2
BUSINESS PROCESSING OUTSOURCING Philippines top global offshoring location Manila Bulletin 12/15/2012 11
BUSINESS–SOUTH AFRICA Business opportunities in South Africa Manila Bulletin 12/22/2012 B2
CARBON POLLUTION Carbon pollution Manila Bulletin 12/6/2012 11
CELL THERAPIST Cell therapist, The: fresh cell therapy specialist Dr. Robert Janson Muller Manila Bulletin 11/18/2012 N1
CHED Schools use courts to get around closure order – CHED Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/5/2012 A9
CHILDREN Making local councils for the protection of children move viable Manila Bulletin 12/11/2012 11
CHINA Xi will steer China’s rise as global power Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 1
CHINA China’s new leader XI Jinping Manila Bulletin 11/17/2012 11
CHINA Challenges for China’s new leaders Manila Bulletin 11/18/2012 11
CHINA Coalition of the willing rising against China Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/3/2012 1
CHINA China surpasses US as top global trader in 5 years Manila Bulletin 12/4/2012 B11
CLIMATE CHANGE IC3 for sustainability Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/12/2012 B3-2
CLIMATE CHANGE World Bank fears planet could heat up by 4 degrees Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/20/2012 1
CLIMATE CHANGE UN: abnormal climate change is new normal Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A1
COCO LEVY FUND Coconut farmers facing a new evil Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 A16
COCO LEVY FUND President urged to intervene: P70-B coco levy fund Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/20/2012 1
COFFEE Coffee: more than just caffeine Philippine Panorama 9/2/2012 20
COMPETITIVENESS AND GOVERNANCE Competitiveness and governance Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/31/2012 B6
CONSTITUTION Time is ripe for charter change Manila Times 7/21/2012 A4
CONSTITUTION Fallacies of charter change, The Manila Times 7/21/2012 A5
CONSTITUTION Constitutional change now Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/22/2012 A13
COPYRIGHT Copyright questions Manila Standard Today 8/18/2012 A4
CORRECTIONAL Managing overcrowding in correctional facilities Manila Bulletin 11/16/2012 11
CORRUPTION PH still rates among world’s most corrupt Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A2
CORRUPTION Rampant corruption Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/11/2012 A12
CREATIVE INDUSTRIES PH creative products now back in demand Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 C4
CRIME Proposed criminal code can penalize 12-year-olds Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/22/2012 A6
CRITICAL THINKING The lack of critical thinking in Philippine schools Manila Bulletin 11/29/2012 E2
CULT Insidious effects of cult mentality Manila Bulletin 9/30/2012 11
CULTURE Cultural enrichment (part I) Manila Bulletin 10/23/2012 11
CULTURE Cultural refinement (part II) Manila Bulletin 10/25/2012 11
CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer service Manila Bulletin 11/25/2012 C4
CYBERCRIME Republic Act No. 10175 Manila Bulletin 9/18/2012 9
CYBERCRIME Cyber-monster Manila Standard Today 10/6/2012 A4
CYBERCRIME Should the e-libel law be junked permanently? Manila Times 10/13/2012 A5
CYBERCRIME For freedom on the Internt Manila Bulletin 12/5/2012 11
CYBERLAW Cyberlaw backers blink Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/4/2012 1
CYBERLAW P-Noy moves to allay cyber fears Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/4/2012 1
DATA PRIVACY Data privacy act of 2012 Manila Bulletin 8/30/2012 11
DAYDREAM Daydream [poetry] Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 11
DEAF-BLINDNESS Without sight or sound, but with full of hope Manila Bulletin 2/13/2012 G1
DEAF-MUTES Giving the deaf the chance to hear again Manila Bulletin 12/10/2012 I2
DEATH PENALTY Drugs, heinous crimes and the death penalty Manila Standard Today 11/17/2012 A4
DEPED AND HEALTH Half a million school kids are malnourished-DepEd Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/27/2012 A3
DISEASES Sama-sama, mapipigilan natin ang TB Manila Times 3/24/2012 A4
DISEASES Is your child afflicted with tuberculosis? Manila Times 3/24/2012 A6
DISEASES World tuberculosis day 2012 Manila Standard Today 3/24/2012 A5
DISEASES Fight dengue, day and night Philippine Panorama 6/24/2012 20
DISEASES Preventing leptospirosis Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 18
DISEASES Eliminating filariasis Philippine Panorama 11/25/2012 20
DIVORCE Divorce bill Manila Bulletin 3/2/2012 5
DIVORCE Divorce is dead – House Manila Bulletin 9/30/2012 1
DOCTORS Doctors to the barrios Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/14/2012 A16
DRINKIING Gene linked to teenage drinking Manila Bulletin 12/6/2012 11
DYSLEXIA Help for my dyslexic daughter Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 I1
ECONOMY (ASIA) Asia’s economy has stabilized Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 A6
ECONOMY (PHILIPPINES) Philippine economy: let’s be realistic Manila Bulletin 11/23/2012 11
ECONOMY–ASIA For IMF exec, Asia is key to 21st century economy Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 B2-2
ECONOMY–PHILIPPINES Philippine Asia’s strongest performing economy Manila Bulletin 11/24/2012 11
ECONOMY–PHILIPPINES Third quarter Philippine economic growth Manila Bulletin 12/5/2012 10
ECONOMY–PHILIPPINES Taking the economy to the next level Manila Bulletin 12/10/2012 C4
ECONOMY–PHILIPPINES Economy shows resilient, sustained growth Manila Bulletin 12/26/2012 B2
ECONOMY–PHILLIPPINES–SOUTHEAST ASIA Surprising 7.1% growth: PH economy best performer in Southeast Asia Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 1
EDUCATION Parents directly involved in education Manila Bulletin 2/13/2012 B-2
EDUCATION Education or brainwashing? Manila Standard Today 7/8/2012 A5
EDUCATION Resolving jobs and skills mismatch Manila Bulletin 11/8/2012 11
EDUCATION PH, Asia must ensure high quality higher education Manila Times 11/10/2012 1
EDUCATION UNESCO reports alarming state of global education Manila Bulletin 11/15/2012 F1
EDUCATION Education report Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 11
EDUCATION College education for poor students Manila Bulletin 12/5/2012 11
EDUCATION An enhanced education for all Manila Bulletin 12/10/2012 11
EDUCATION (MILF) Framework agreement benefits materializing Manila Bulletin 11/24/2012 8
EDUCATION–LOAN PROGRAMS (HIGHER EDUCATION) Educational opportunities Manila Bulletin 11/28/2012 2
EDUCATION–PHILIPPINES Education stories of 2012 Manila Bulletin 1/3/2012 E1
EDUCATION–PHILIPPINES Tracing the pre-Hispanic roots of the Philippine educational system Manila Bulletin 12/6/2012 F2
EDUCATION–PHILIPPINES Phiippine pre-colonial literacy and education Manila Bulletin 12/13/2012 E2
ELECTRICITY Good, the bad, and ugly in your electric bills, The (first of two parts) Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 B8
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Its’ more emotional in the Philippines The Philippine Star 11/24/2012 I-3
EMPLOYEE-EMPLOYER Making employer, employee integrity work Philippine Panorama 12/9/2012 16
EMPLOYMENT DOLE refutes high unemployment rate The Philippine Star 11/17/2012 10
EMPLOYMENT Metrics for underemployed more accurate Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 B2-4
ENERGY PLANS–PHILIPPINES New energy plan (2012-2030) addresses long-term supply situation Manila Bulletin 1/3/2012 B6
ENGLISH LANGUAGE Are Filipinos grammar-conscious in their English? Manila Times 4/14/2012 A5
ENGLISH LANGUAGE Missed education Manila Standard Today 6/30/2012 A4
ENGLISH LANGUAGE PH budget English teacher of the world Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/13/2012 1
ENGLISH LANGUAGE–PHILIPPINES Learning English in the Philippines Manila Bulletin 11/26/2012 11
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Enterprise, The (part II) Manila Bulletin 11/17/2012 11
FAMILY Our social duties: the family Manila Bulletin 11/6/2012 11
FAMILY Family, The (part II) Manila Bulletin 11/8/2012 11
FAMILY PLANNING Poverty affetcs the implementation of family planning Manila Times 6/23/2012 A2
FAMILY PLANNING Contraceptives and social justice Manila Standard Today 6/23/2012 A4
FILIPINO Deconstructing justifications for Filipino Manila Bulletin 10/4/2012 E2
FLU Flu research Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/7/2012 11
FOOD Food allergies Manila Bulletin 7/7/2012 B2
FOOD SAFETY A Benchmark for food safety Manila Bulletin 11/7/2012 11
FOOD SAFETY Food safety Manila Bulletin 11/14/2012 11
FOOD-PHILIPPINES 7,000 islands with 28,000 adobo variations Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/21/2012 A17
FOREIGN EXCHANGE Ten characteristics of successful FOREX traders Manila Bulletin 9/19/2012 BB1
FOREX Five things you need to have before investing if Forex Manila Bulletin 11/14/2012 BB1
FOSTER CARE ACT OF 2012 Advancing children’s welfare through the Foster Care Act Act of 2012 Manila Bulletin 12/14/2012 12
FRANCHISING Growth of local franchising industry Manila Bulletin 8/26/2012 11
FRENCH LANGUAGE Teaching Filipinos a second language Manila Bulletin 12/26/2012 11
GAMES Game and watch and learn Manila Bulletin 8/30/2012 F1
GAYS Being gay is okay Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/22/2012 A13
GAYS AND CHURCH Church hit for blaming AIDS increase on gays Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A2
GENDER VIOLENCE 16 days of activism against gender violence The Philippine Star 12/1/2012 18
GEOLOGY Sandwiches and volcanoes Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/4/2012 E3
GLOBAL WARMING Global warming: the new normal Philippine Panorama 9/2/2012 12
GLOBAL WARMING Children at risk Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 A10
GLOBALIZATION–PHILIPPINES Passage to the Philippines (and globalization 2.0) Philippine Panorama 9/23/2012 10
GOD (POETRY) In season with God [poetry] Philippine Panorama 12/16/2012 11
GOLD TAX Stop gold tax, BIR urged Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/12/2012 1
GOVERNMENT (SALARY) BSP governor highest paid government official in 2011 The Philippine Star 11/24/2012 10
GRAFT AND CORRUPTION Graft cases Manila Bulletin 9/18/2012 11
HAGEDORN, EDWARD Edward Hagedorn Manila Bulletin 12/14/2012 11
HAPPINESS Measuring well-being Manila Bulletin 10/27/2012 11
HEALTH Its natural, not alternative medicine Manila Bulletin 12/11/2012 1
HEALTHCARE Health fraud Philippine Daily Inquirer 7/6/2012 A15
HEALTHCARE Blind faith Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/14/2012 A17
HEARING LOSS Leading an extraordinary life Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 I2
HEROES–PHILIPPINES Mabini by Mabini Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 A15
HEROES–PHILIPPINES Andres Bonifacio – writer and hero Philippine Panorama 11/25/2012 8
HIGHER EDUCATION (IT) Higher education digitized Manila Bulletin 11/27/2012 H1
HISTORY–PHILIPPINES Teodoro A. Agoncillo @ 100 Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 A15
HIV HIV cases rise in MSM-friendly QC Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/31/2012 A25
HOMECOMING Homecoming [poetry] Philippine Panorama 2/5/2012 19
HOSPITAL 26 gov’t hospitals to be privatized; subsidy cuts seen Manila Standard Today 5/19/2012 1
HOSPITAL Philippine Hospital Association: the challenge of affordable health care: playing by the rules or changing the game Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 3
HOUSING Housing gains in 2011 Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/23/2012 Housing 1-4
HOUSING Where are the houses? Manila Standard Today 4/14/2012 A5
HUMAN FORMATION Human formation Manila Bulletin 12/6/2012 11
HUMAN RESOURCES Building partnerships between HR, line managers Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 B2-2
IMF Global interconnection has dark side, says Lagarde Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 B2-4
INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Meeting concerns of indigenous folks Manila Bulletin 3/10/2012 11
INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Indigenous peoples’ empowerment through education Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 10
INFORMATION Philippines needs a freedom of information act Manila Times 8/11/2012 A4
INFORMATION Freedom of information vs executive privilege Manila Times 10/13/2012 A4
INFORMATION Right of reply, other issues stalk info bill Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/12/2012 1
INFORMATION Murder of the FOI bill, The Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/15/2012 A15
INFORMATION The Freedom of information act Manila Bulletin 12/8/2012 11
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual property code measure approved Manila Bulletin 12/13/2012 6
INTERNET Internet [poem] Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 21
INVESTMENT Investing and the extra inch Manila Bulletin 12/3/2012 C3
INVESTMENT The Real score on foreign direct investments Manila Bulletin 12/3/2012 C4
INVESTMENTS Will SEC tighten up on foreign investments Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 B3
INVESTMENTS (BUSINESS) When good investments become bad Manila Bulletin 1/5/2012 B2
INVESTMENTS (BUSINESS) Investing is all about control Manila Bulletin 11/28/2012 BB1
INVESTMENTS (FOREIGN) Foreign investments sleeply fall under Aquino Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 A15
IT RP IT spending remains low Manila Bulletin 11/26/2012 B10
JUVENILE JUSTICE Meaningful amendment to the juvenile justice system law, A Manila Times 7/8/2012 A5
KARITON KLASRUM DepEd pushes Kariton Klasrum project Manila Bulletin 12/15/2012 2
K-TO-12 K to 12 curriculum: our first step to recovery Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/19/2012 H1
K-TO-12 Straight talk on K to 12 Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/19/2012 H1
K-TO-12 K to 12 model schools to get P1-M subsidy Manila Bulletin 7/6/2012 1
K-TO-12 High approval rating for K-to-12 Manila Bulletin 10/27/2012 2
K-TO-12 Luistro welcomes K-to-12 bill passage Manila Bulletin 11/22/2012 8
K-TO-12 Cayetano: review education reform program Manila Bulletin 11/24/2012 8
LABOR Work, not wage increase Manila Standard Today 5/5/2012 A5
LABOR How to keep workforce effective Manila Bulletin 9/18/2012 B2
LABOR RECOGNITION Rewarding and recognizing our employees Manila Bulletin 12/1/2012 B3
LAND USE The National Land Use Act Manila Bulletin 11/29/2012 B8
LANGUAGE Language is a people’s soul Manila Standard Today 8/25/2012 A5
LAW–UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES The U.P. College of Law Manila Bulletin 11/29/2012 11
LEADERSHIP Top qualities of good leaders Philippine Panorama 2/5/2012 18
LEADERSHIP Leaders and manipulators The Philippine Star 2/11/2012 B3
LEADERSHIP Caring and strong-willed mothers raise successful sons Manila Times 3/10/2012 B1
LEADERSHIP Strengths and weaknesses of productive narcissists Manila Times 3/24/2012 B1
LEARNING Eight ways of knowing, The Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 20
LEGISLATORS Horror roll Manila Standard Today 11/17/2012 A4
LIBEL Coping with libel in Internet Manila Bulletin 9/1/2012 B2
LIBEL Cyberlibel’s collateral damage Manila Standard Today 10/6/2012 A5
LIBEL Libel law is unconstitutional Manila Times 12/15/2012 A4
LIFE (QUALITY)–PHILIPPINES Fewer Filipinos are optimistic about quality of life – SWS Manila Bulletin 12/4/2012 1
LIQUIDS Healing liquids Philippine Panorama 12/2/2012 10
LITERACY Visual literacy Philippine Panorama 7/1/2012 20
LITERATURE Tribute to a novelist Manila Times 3/17/2012 A4
LITERATURE Country of short story writers, A Manila Times 3/24/2012 A4
LITERATURE Relevance of the novel in these times, The Manila Times 4/14/2012 A4
LITERATURE Literature (art) and propaganda Manila Times 7/14/2012 A4
LOVE My love (poetry] Philippine Panorama 2/12/2012 11
LOVE On crushes and puppy love Philippine Panorama 2/12/2012 16
MAHOGANY Mahogany as black pepper support Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 24
MALARIA Malaria: life extension Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/7/2012 11
MALL Mega Megamall Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/12/2012 B5
MAMOGRAPHY Mammography guidelines Manila Bulletin 12/1/2012 11
MANILA FILM CENTER When mystery turns to reality: the ’81 film center tragedy Manila Bulletin 11/17/2012 3
MARINE Perseverance of a marine engineer Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 16
MARKETING Trade shows as sales and marketing tools Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 BB1
MARRIAGE Conversation is important in marriage Philippine Panorama 2/12/2012 6
MARRIAGE Same-sex union must not be called marriage Manila Times 5/19/2012 A4
MATHEMATICS Jump-starting our kids’ math ability Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 A11
MATHEMATICS Place value and integers Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 E3
MEDICAL TOURISM Economic and social benefits of medical tourism Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 H&W 2
MIGRATION Global forum: migration and development Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 11
MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS Critical M.D.Gs Manila Bulletin 8/26/2012 11
MINING Strategies for the mining sector (part I) Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 B2
MINING Strategies for the mining sector (part II) Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 B2
MINING Wanted: human capital for mining Manila Bulletin 11/20/2012 B-3
MINING Keeping the pledge of responsible mining Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/21/2012 A14
MOTHERS AND INFANTS Caring for mothers and babies Philippine Panorama 7/1/2012 22
MYANMAR Myanmar: unfinished business Manila Standard Today 11/17/2012 A5
NATIONAL ARTISTS Order of National Artists Awards, anyone? Manila Bulletin 10/29/2012 E1
NATIONALISM Nationalism in the fifties Manila Standard Today 8/18/2012 A4
NGOS N.G.O.S. in development, nationnuilding Manila Bulletin 11/24/2012 11
NUMBERS Fear of numbers [poetry] Philippine Panorama 10/28/2012 19
NURSES Philippine Nurses Association 90th anniversary Manila Bulletin 10/25/2012 10
NURSES Nurses warned vs. non-existent jobs Manila Bulletin 11/22/2012 4
NURSING Nursing exam leak case up for resolution Philippine Daily Inquirer 7/20/2012 A9
NURSING Nursing upgrade Manila Bulletin 11/25/2012 4
NUTRITION Government asked to prioritized nutrition Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 4
OUTSOURCING  Outsourcing update Manila Bulletin 2/23/2012 B2
OVERSEAS WORKERS Domestic workers Philippine Panorama 6/24/2012 22
OVERSEAS WORKERS Government easing skilled and professional overseas Filipino workers hiring rules Manila Bulletin 11/14/2012 10
OVERSEAS WORKERS For a dep’t of O.F.W. Manila Bulletin 11/28/2012 11
OVERSEAS WORKERS Little rant on economic contributions Manila Bulletin 12/5/2012 B2
PARENTING Parenting in the age of online social networks Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 10
PARENTING Importance of role models Philippine Panorama 9/2/2012 8
PARENTING Indispensable dad Manila Bulletin 12/7/2012 11
PARTY-LIST Party-list 101 Manila Standard Today 10/13/2012 A4
PARTY-LIST Party-list conundrum, The Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/9/2012 A14
PARTY-LIST Once more the party-list system Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/12/2012 A19
PARTY-LIST Party-list system: a social justice tool The Philippine Star 11/17/2012 17
PASIG RIVER Battling pollution Manila Bulletin 11/5/2012 11
PEACE Today we are all victors Manila Bulletin 12/16/2012 11
PEACE TALKS Peace talks with NPA hit rough patch The Philippine Star 12/15/2012 16
PHILHEALTH PhilHealth loses P114M in cyberspace fraud Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 1
PHILIPPINES Philippines among most positive nations Manila Bulletin 1/3/2012 10
PHILIPPINES Born in the Philippines Manila Standard Today 5/5/2012 A5
PHILOSOPHY (EASTERN) Eastern philosophy: mystics and sages Philippine Panorama 9/23/2012 20
PLAGIARISM Extension of misplaced values Manila Standard Today 11/17/2012 A5
PLAGIARISM On plagiarism Manila Bulletin 11/23/2012 11
PLANETS More planets outside solar system Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 8
PLASTICS Plastic bags better than paper bags Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/19/2012 A9
PLASTICS Plastic or paper Manila Times 3/24/2012 A5
PLASTICS Reconsidering the ban on plastic bags Manila Times 8/4/2012 A4
PLASTICS Reassessing the ban on plastics Manila Standard Today 10/6/2012 A5
POETRY Sanctuary [poetry] Philippine Panorama 6/24/2012 10
POETRY You painted the world in serial time [poetry] Philippine Panorama 7/17/2012 9
POETRY Sonnet 5945 Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 23
POETRY Unwavering evolutions Philippine Panorama 12/9/2012 23
POLITICS Political dynasties Manila Bulletin 11/20/2012 4
POLITICS Aberrant leadership Manila Bulletin 11/20/2012 11
POVERTY Poverty negates 7.1% growth Manila Bulletin 11/30/2012 1
PRESCHOOL Preschool pupils must not be over 5 – DepEd Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/13/2012 A15
PRIESTS AND WOMEN Divine order Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 A15
PRIESTS–PHILIPPINES Tagle: muchacho now prince of the church Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 1
PRINTING Guttenberg printing Philippine Panorama 12/9/2012 18
PROPERTIES–METRO MANILA Metro in midst of property boom Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 1
READING Are we reading? Manila Bulletin 9/1/2012 E1
READING On reading Philippine Panorama 9/23/2012 16
READING A straight path to reading Manila Bulletin 12/6/2012 F1
READING Let’s enlarge our reading population Manila Bulletin 12/8/2012 B2
RELIGION AND SAINTS Sainthood: a vocation for all Philippine Panorama 10/14/2012 20
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH President did not endorse the RH bill, The Manila Times 7/28/2012 A4
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Defense of the stand of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines on the house bill 4244 The Philippine Star 9/1/2012 4
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Solidarity message from multi-sectoral RH advocates Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/6/2012 A8
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Statements against the RH Bill amendments Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/15/2012 A23
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Birth spacing and family planning Manila Bulletin 11/30/2012 11
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Once more the RH bill Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/3/2012 A17
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Yes Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A10
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH R.H. showdown Manila Bulletin 12/7/2012 11
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Philippine poverty and reproductive health Manila Bulletin 12/9/2012 11
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Reflections on the R.H. bill Manila Bulletin 12/15/2012 11
RICE Brown rice is best, groups hope to convinve Pinoys Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/19/2012 A8
RIZAL, JOSE P. Remembering Rizal: Binondo to Bagumbayan Manila Bulletin 1/3/2012 11
RIZAL, JOSE P. Rizal on German food and women Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 A15
RIZAL, JOSE P. Rizal planted seed of revolution; Bonifacio watered it Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/31/2012 1
ROTC Solon blocks revival of mandatory ROTC Manila Bulletin 3/2/2012 E2
SAINTS St. Pedro Calungsod: worth emulating by the youth of today Philippine Panorama 10/28/2012 8
SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Pope hits same-sex marriage Manila Bulletin 1/11/2012 1
SCAMS Scammed Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 A14
SCAMS SEC bares action on scams Manila Bulletin 11/18/2012 1
SCAMS Scam barkers Manila Bulletin 11/20/2012 11
SCAMS A sociology of scams Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 A14
SCAMS Too good to be true Manila Bulletin 12/1/2012 11
SCAMS Why huge scams never end The Manila Times 12/1/2012 A5
SCAMS Warning system Manila Bulletin 12/12/2012 11
SCHOOLS Calls mount for revisions of school calendar Manila Times 8/11/2012 A3
SCHOOLS School, The Manila Bulletin 11/10/2012 11
SCHOOLS AND TREES Schools tapped for Metro greening Manila Bulletin 12/16/2012 4
SCIENTISTS Legendary doktora Philippine Daily Inquirer 7/20/2012 A13
SCORECARDS A Performance scorecard’s three elements Manila Bulletin 12/1/2012 11
SCORECARDS A Performance scorecard’s three elements Manila Bulletin 12/4/2012 11
SENIOR CITIZENS Kasisixty Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 A15
SEX ABUSES (MILITARY) Australia gov’t apologizes for sex abuse in military Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 A21
SEXUALITY Sexuality among children and adolescents Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 10
SIGN LANGUAGE Brouhaha over sign language bill Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/6/2012 1
SIN TAX Sin tax: a crippling blow to the beer industry: what’s at stake Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/15/2012 A19
SIN TAX To the honorable members of the House of Representatives Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/15/2012 A20
SIN TAX House bill 5727 is anti-local industry Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/15/2012 A21
SIN TAX Sin tax: a test of political will Manila Bulletin 9/24/2012 C4
SIN TAX Health and sin tax bill: pagbabago Manila Bulletin 11/17/2012 11
SIN TAX Sin tax bill: flagging some constitutional issues Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/20/2012 B3
SIN TAX Let’s have fair play Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A11
SMOKING Smoking prevalent among teenagers Manila Standard Today 3/17/2012 1
SMOKING Smoking causes 10 deaths each hour Manila Standard Today 9/1/2012 A3
SMOKING Addiction study Manila Bulletin 11/5/2012 11
SMOKING Is Aquino breaking antismoking rules daily? Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/6/2012 A11
SMUGGLING Smuggling at its worst under Aquino Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/15/2012 A15
SMUGGLING Taxation, smuggling and development: ano ba ang matuwid na daan? Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 A26
SOCIAL MEDIA Social media activism Manila Standard Today 3/24/2012 A4
SOCIAL MEDIA Cyberspace freedom Manila Bulletin 10/2/2012 11
SOCIAL STUDIES How social studies fails a nation Manila Bulletin 11/15/2012 F2
SPECIAL EDUCATION AND ART What the arts can do for children with special needs Philippine Panorama 7/8/2012 20
SPECIAL EDUCATION AND IEP Amending an IEP Manila Bulletin 12/10/2012 I-1
SPED Special education centers’ creation pushed Manila Bulletin 10/28/2012 14
SPED Technology for special children Manila Bulletin 10/29/2012 H2
SPED Different but extraordinary Manila Bulletin 11/26/2012 I-1
SPRATLY ISLANDS No one can stop China  in Spratlys but China or the power of world opinion Philippine Daily Inquirer 7/20/2012 1
STEM CELL Stem cell therapy for deafness Manila Bulletin 2/11/2012 11
STEM CELL Stem cell therapy for aesthetic, anti-aging treatments Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 H&W4
STRATEGIC THINKING Strategic thinking Manila Bulletin 11/29/2012 B2
STREET FOOD To eat or not to eat: campus street food Manila Bulletin 3/2/2012 E1
STRESS Battling stress in the workplace Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 C4
STRESS Beating stress in the workplace Manila Bulletin 12/5/2012 BB1
STROKES Curbing incidences of killer strokes Manila Bulletin 12/11/2012 D4
STUDY NOW, PAY LATER Pay loans, student-borrowers told Manila Bulletin 11/22/2012 2
SUCCESS You’re an expert, too, if… Philippine Panorama 9/2/2012 10
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT As Asia rises, CEO focus on procurement and supply chain Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 B2-2
SURGERY Robotic surgery Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 11
TAGALOG LANGUAGE Tagalog Canada’s fastest-growing immigrant language Manila Bulletin 11/13/2012 11
TAGALOG LANGUAGE Signal victory for the Tagalog language Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 A12
TEACHER Remembering a truly beautiful teacher Manila Bulletin 12/9/2012 11
TEACHERS May our teachers’ tribe increase Manila Bulletin 9/24/2012 11
TEACHERS No class is the same with Teacher Joy Manila Bulletin 11/12/2012 I1
TEACHERS Science, Math teachers get 3-step salary hike Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/9/2012 1
TEACHERS (OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY) Occupational health hazards of teachers Philippine Panorama 6/24/2012 8
TEACHERS–MINDANAO ARMM teachers get DepEd aid Manila Bulletin 11/25/2012 15
TEACHING–PHILIPPINES Personal touch is missing in PH education Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/27/2012 A9
TECHNICAL-VOCATIONAL EDUCATION More Pinoy students turning to technical-vocational education Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/12/2012 A8
TELESERYE Teleserye culture, The Manila Bulletin 11/21/2012 G2
TESDA Aquino signs new EO accelerating Tesda graduates to college Daily Tribune 11/24/2012 4
TESDA TESDA introduces new, innovative programs Manila Bulletin 12/29/2012 2
TEXTBOOKS For enhanced teaching: textbooks plus Philippine Panorama 7/22/2012 8
TOURISM Tourists spending billions in Philippines Manila Times 7/28/2012 B1
TOURISM Boosting growth in tourism industry Manila Bulletin 11/26/2012 10
TRAFFIC Focus on road discipline Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/2/2012 A12
TRAINS Kindness and LRT/MRT Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/9/2012 A15
TRAINS Love affairs with Japanese trains Philippine Panorama 11/18/2012 22
TREE A Tree faces its mirror [poetry] Philippine Panorama 12/2/2012 22
TUITION FEES Enhanced policies, guidelines and procedures governing increases in tuition and other school fees Manila Times 2/11/2012 B5
TUITION FEES Tuition hike: a scheme to breed more OFWs? Manila Times 3/24/2012 A5
UNEMPLOYMENT Joblessness up in Q3, says survey Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 A7
UNEMPLOYMENT Jobless Pinoys up to 11.7-M in SWS survey Manila Bulletin 11/16/2012 1
UNEMPLOYMENT Rising unemployment is really bad news, lawmaker tells Noy Daily Tribune 11/17/2012 1
UNIVERSE Universe 11 billion years ago Manila Bulletin 11/19/2012 11
UNIVERSITIES UP, Ateneo dropped from list of world’s top universities Manila Times 3/17/2012 1
UNIVERSITIES Profit seeking universities: boon or bane? Philippine Daily Inquirer 3/19/2012 B4-2
UNIVERSITIES Asia Pacific education – moving ahead Manila Bulletin 9/30/2012 11
UNIVERSITIES Asian universities not adequately aligned with labor market – ADB report Manila Bulletin 11/17/2012 B-2
VALUE National values in theory and practice Manila Bulletin 10/25/2012 E2
VALUES Two values: religion, family ties Manila Bulletin 11/27/2012 11
VIOLENCE Whacks and wallops: be part of a concerted effort to protect chiuldren and rid schools of abuse and violence Manila Bulletin 11/24/2012 D4
VIOLENCE Ending the vicious cycle Manila Bulletin 12/13/2012 E1
VIRTUES Human virtues Manila Bulletin 12/13/2012 11
WEDDINGS Cost of weddings hindering couples Manila Bulletin 10/28/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS P-noy vows to do the talking in Cambodia Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/16/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS Obama: no need to escalate sea dispute Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/21/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS 5 nations support PH position on sea dispute Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/22/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS China places disputed sea map on new e-passports Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/23/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS China faces hostility on claim to Spratlys Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS PH patrol vessel on standby Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/26/2012 1
WEST PHILIPPINE SEAS Red tape stalls dev’t of school in Kalayaan Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/27/2012 1
WOMEN Groups say abuse of women in Davao not easing Philippine Daily Inquirer 11/29/2012 A8
WOMEN Challenge for the entire world Manila Bulletin 12/1/2012 11
WOMEN–LEADERS–PHILIPPINES Women leaders in the Philippines Manila Bulletin 12/11/2012 11
WOMEN–RIGHTS Women’s rights Manila Bulletin 1/3/2012 11
WOMEN–VOCATIONAL EDUCATION More women completing vocational courses Manila Bulletin 12/13/2012 6
WORK Are you productive or unproductive at work? Manila Times 3/17/2012 B1
WORK Escaping the cubicle nation (when, why and how should you Work@Home) Philippine Panorama 12/2/2012 20
WRITERS Gabriel Garcia Marquez at 85 Manila Bulletin 3/10/2012 11
WRITERS Memorable decade: writers before the war, A Manila Times 6/30/2012 A4
WRITERS Writer as public intellectual, The (2) Manila Times 7/8/2012 A4
WRITERS Carlos Bulosan on writers after the war Manila Times 7/21/2012 A4
WRITERS Carlos Bulosan (2) Manila Times 7/28/2012 A4
WRITERS Writer as public intellectual, The Manila Times 8/11/2012 A4

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